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Uniqlo cashmere

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BettyFriedansLoveChild Fri 21-Nov-14 19:41:27

Has anyone successfully hand washed cashmere bought from Uniqlo this season? I have some cashmere purchased from there about seven years ago which hand washes and still looks great, but also some purchased three years ago which bobbled very quickly. Have noticed that all the care labels now state dry clean only, which is really practical for me. (Or should I just accept that you get what you pay for and cheap cashmere is going to be just that?)

Floisme Fri 21-Nov-14 19:55:26

Not purchased this season but bought two a couple of years ago that stated dry clean only. I haven't! I machine wash in a pillow case on a 'delicates' cycle. They were bought within weeks of each other but one still looks good and the other is a field of fuzz. I think Uniqlo can be great but it's very random and yes, I think you do get what you pay for.

pinkfrocks Fri 21-Nov-14 20:01:33

You can wash all cashmere. Uniqlo are just covering themselves against any claims because some people may wash it wrongly and insist on refunds. Loads of clothes say dry clean only when not necessary.
I returned an unworn cashmere jumper to them this year because it felt very thin and not great quality.

BettyFriedansLoveChild Fri 21-Nov-14 20:16:38

Thanks Flo and Pink. Yes, I know that you can hand wash all cashmere - but how the garment comes up after washing depends on quality. Interesting that quality at Uniqlo is so random - think I might have to give their cashmere a miss this year, I don't really want to gamble £70 on something that won't last sad

Saurus72 Sat 22-Nov-14 08:46:57

How about TK Maxx for cashmere? I bought a beautiful Gharani Strok jumper there a couple of months ago for £40 and it is great quality. I machine wash it on a delicate 30 degree cycle and it comes out looking good.

AnathemaIsANiceNameForAGirl Sat 22-Nov-14 11:31:16

Agree re TK Maxx, I have a Clements Ribeiro one that was £39 and is brilliant quality. Lots online if you can't get to a store.

I machine wash all cashmere (including one from Uniqlo last year) on delicate cycle with Ecover or Woolite and it comes up lovely.

Pusspuss1 Sat 22-Nov-14 20:36:10

I've bought two Uniquo cashmere jumpers this season. I like them but they have bobbled in the first month, so not hugely impressed. Haven't washed them yet though...

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