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Wedding 2 weeks past baby's due date

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fizzypigs Fri 21-Nov-14 19:08:24

Any ideas about what I should wear to a wedding 2 weeks after expected due date? This is baby no 2 - and 1st one was a week early - so will hopefully not still be preg.

Will prob be bf. Think it's going to be quite a stylish wedding and don't want to look like a burst couch which is how I'll feel! It's an important wedding so can't miss it. Am concious I'll still be bleeding and wearing mat clothes...but really would rather not look preg! I've had a look at some bf clothes but they all look v casual and frankly a bit frumpy.


petalsandstars Fri 21-Nov-14 19:15:30

Isabella oliver have nice things and lovely dresses if you don't mind spending money. - if it were me though I'd have missed it as was giving birth 2 weeks after due date. Don't want to drag you down but maybe prepare for the possibility of not being able to go just in case.

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