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Lace top dresses - what bra to wear?

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rara67 Fri 21-Nov-14 18:52:36

Have bought a dark/bottle green one and a French navy and gold-caramel one. Both are the sort of style where only the lace goes over the shoulders. So is it strapless bra or skin/flesh bra with thin straps?

Also, what colour tights? The green dress can be sheer and heels or opaques and pumps. However, the French navy is a bit more tricky. Nude/skin tights get mixed reviews on this topic.

Finally, what shoes? Picked up some browny bronze heels that would go with the green one but not sure about the French navy. Do I got for navy or play safe with black?

You've been kind to read this far so wont even go there with the handbag question!?! Thanks

pinkfrocks Fri 21-Nov-14 18:56:08

I wear a nude bra with a lace dress ( it's a navy dress) though have also tried strapless. You can also get bras with those transparent straps.

Tights I'd go for nude.
Shoes I'd go for navy or a nude pair. Assume you mean the dress is navy & gold, and not navy and another dress in gold?

StatisticallyChallenged Fri 21-Nov-14 19:00:11

Strapless if possible - the wonderbra ultimate is excellent. If not then nude straps. The transparent ones hurt like heck IME!

Tights, either nude or fishnets (or nude fishnets!) and I'd say browny bronze works with navy

dexter73 Fri 21-Nov-14 19:02:44

I have a navy dress with lace at the top and wear a navy bra. You can't really notice it as the straps are pretty much where the seams are.

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