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How dressy should I be if I'm going to a casino?!

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Chocolategirl7 Fri 21-Nov-14 12:27:58

Going out this evening with some of DH's friends and their partners for a curry and then on to a casino. I don't know any of the very well but went to a race day with them in the summer where it was very smart.
I only found out this morning that it wasn't just a curry (for which I would have happily been in smart jeans) but DH says the men aren't wearing suits but it's smart casual!!!

So, black trousers, killer heels and silky top or short black silk dress with opaques and patent boots (small heel) or jeans, heels and silky top or denim dress with woolly tights and brown boots?

Never been to a casino before! Please help!! grin

Nabootique Fri 21-Nov-14 12:32:12

I'd say definitely no jeans because some casinos will have a policy on that, like clubs do. I've only been to one, which was quite dressy. I wore a skirt, dressy top and little heels. It seemed like everyone else was quite dolled up as well, although more so the girls. Don't remember any fellas wearing bow ties or anything so formal! It was a work do and there were quite a lot of us there.

Pixa Fri 21-Nov-14 12:37:27

It really depends on the casino but to be safe, I would go for the black trousers outfit.

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