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Control pants, strapless bra, body shaping something Help!

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bubblebabeuk Fri 21-Nov-14 07:04:58

I bought an evening dress for DP's forthcoming christmas do, its this one.

I am fairly short at 5ft 3 and approximately an 18-20 ish. After three DC and two C-sections my tummy region is not very flat, I am a 38DD so definately not able to go bra less. Can anyone recommend a really good body shaper, boob pusher-up-er, tummy tidier type garment that will work under this dress ;-)

I will also need to be able to wear tights with it and would prefer something thats not an ordeal if I need a wee.

marriednotdead Fri 21-Nov-14 08:08:26

Your link isn't working...

bubblebabeuk Fri 21-Nov-14 18:59:02

Tried to fix it :-( not working darn

I prefer to wear separates - the wonderbra ultimate strapless is a good bra, and spanx higher power are very good for tummy control and will be long enough to go up under the bra.

LoadsaBlusher Fri 21-Nov-14 20:13:14

If I want a smooth finish under a dress I wear M & S High waist firm control cinching knickers, have them in nude and black
On top I wear Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless, also have in nude and black
The M&S knickers are tight but they are still ' rollable ' for getting up and down for going to toilet , no hopping around and twisting to get them off !
I am quite short too and they go right up to under my ribcage then the wonderbra sits smoothly over the top .

bubblebabeuk Sat 22-Nov-14 04:45:15

Thanks guys, looks like a trip to M&S next week, can I get a wonderbra there as well?

bubblebabeuk Sat 22-Nov-14 04:57:33

Trying the link again

bubblebabeuk Sat 22-Nov-14 04:59:19

Did it work? Next job is what to do with my hair, yes its been that long since I dressed up or went anywhere nice, I am totally rubbish at all this

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