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Bra intervention help please!

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SuperDuperJezebel Thu 20-Nov-14 19:09:54

Hi, could do with a bit of emergency advice please. I need some new bras and DP has generously offered to buy me some. Have been losing weight (gone up and down a bit over the last few months but back to where I hope to stay now). I'm measuring 32.5 under and 37 around, leaning forward. Currently only have 4 bras - 3 Floozie ones and 1 Ultimo one, all balcony and all size 32E, which are possibly SLIGHTLY too big, but not by much. I have a 32E strapless bra (freya deco I think) and thats perfect. Scared to order a load in 32DD only to have them all too small. Thinking of getting some Curvy Kate ones on amazon, does anyone know whether the sizing is on the large size or smaller?

SuperDuperJezebel Thu 20-Nov-14 19:11:35

I should say too that they don't have much volume these days, think two tennis balls in socks, thanks to the weight loss, and are quite bottom heavy. I cant really wear tshirt bras at all, so suit balcony or non padded.

StatisticallyChallenged Thu 20-Nov-14 19:40:51

Curvy Kate is on the small side. I don't have/haven't tried deco strapless but I would say most CK are a cup size smaller than the normal deco at least.

SuperDuperJezebel Thu 20-Nov-14 19:45:54

Thanks - do you think I should go for the 32E in that case on the basis that i'm possibly a 32DD and a half?! Also I noticed while doing some searches that the Cleo Lucy was a good recommendation for wide set boobs - how do you rate the sizing on those? and would you say that the Curvy Kate Princess is good for them too, or not so great?

StatisticallyChallenged Thu 20-Nov-14 20:04:10

I've not tried the Lucy (as its good for shallow boobs which I don't have!) but in general Cleo sizing is more generous in the cup. So probably try the DD in cleo, E in Curvy Kate

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