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Any idea what I'm supposed to do with this stuff??

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I have bought two bottles of Waitrose Pure Facial Oil, as I'm sure I read somewhere (probably here) that oil cleansing is good for revoltingly spotty skin like mine, I'm not a teenager ffs! problem skin. Also, it was two for four quid, so it seemed rude not to!

But what do I do with it & how often? And is it really going to do any good? TIA

everythingsgoingsouth Thu 20-Nov-14 14:19:39

I remove any eye make-up first, then just massage the oil around the face. Get a muslin or flannel ,run under hot water, squeeze excess out and wipe over face. Well, that's what I do anyway!
I use almond oil, but I think pretty much any oil will do. your face feels lovely afterwards.
google "oil cleansing method" as it gives different oils for different skin issues.

Thank you. I did google it but was slightly overwhelmed. Found a peel-off label on the bottle that said use it once a week like a moisturiser?! It is mostly sweet almond oil.
Will try your method & see how it goes - can't really make my skin any worse than it is now!

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