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What can I buy for a work interview when everything in the shops is covered in sequins?

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threeolivemartini Wed 19-Nov-14 23:24:47

Obviously the wrong time to have an interview - clearly I should have been psychic and known this was going to happen, and bought a new work outfit back when everyone was back to schoolish.

Feeling very down having walked around looking at party dresses, and things in really horrible fabrics.

I need something smart but fairly comfortable, as will be travelling. It also needs to be anything between size 18-22 depending on the shop and cut, and this just makes it more difficult. And I need it for Monday, or will have to go back to old faithful suit, which is OK, but boring, and will probably still have to go looking for a top.

I have black boots and a smartish black coat, so at least don't have to worry about those.

If anyone has seen something that would fit the bill or has some inspiration I would be very grateful!

swingonastar Thu 20-Nov-14 06:18:30

Nothing in New Look/Dorothy Perkins/M&S that fits the bill? They tend to keep fairly normal stuff in stock amongst all the seasonal stuff, and in a range of sizes.

I was in M&S buying tights the other day and the selection of skirts they had was mind-boggling. You could buy a black skirt of pretty much any style in there, then maybe a top from New Look? And a jacket from either place, if you need it.

I'm not a matchy matchy/suit type person myself, so that's the kind of outfit I'd pull together at short notice for interview, and it's stood me in good stead so far ;-)

500smiles Thu 20-Nov-14 07:06:31

How about something like this under your jacket?

Not sparkly and can order for next day delivery to store if time is short?

Good luck with the interview.

tigerdog Thu 20-Nov-14 07:09:54

Next has a huge range of suits and work clothes even at this time of year. Can order online and collect/return in store so sizes shouldn't be an issue. Also agree re m&s - I too tend to buy jackets and different skirts/trousers as I get a lot more wear than from a matching suit.

TweedAddict Thu 20-Nov-14 07:34:52

Next has a good range, but it's most online this time of year

CurlsLDN Thu 20-Nov-14 07:37:15

Mango have a plus size range online, and usually have some great stylish dresses

LegArmpits Thu 20-Nov-14 07:59:54

Charity shops.

threeolivemartini Thu 20-Nov-14 08:46:03

Thanks for replies.

I am being a bit wary of online at short notice because I want to try on, but seems it might have to be the way.

I did look in Next but wasn't impressed by the shininess of the fabrics in what they had - may be more online so will look. Also didn't know Mango had larger sizes online, had always just walked past, so will have a look later, thank you.

Hadn't thought of New Look, not been in for ages, thanks for idea.

I got to M&S just before closing so didn't have time for a proper look, will try at the weekend.

I think I am just habitually unstylish,so trying to look stylish and professional at short notice gets me flustered!

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