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Cheaper alternative to Hollister/ Jack Wills/ Superdry for 11 y.o. girl?

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StripesofGold Wed 19-Nov-14 06:25:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Arlagirl Wed 19-Nov-14 06:35:22

No Next would go down like a lead balloon. Totally different image.
Is it a relative? Do you not agree to spend a certain amount for the children?
I wouldn't try and buy an "alternative" will be met with a face like slapped arse.

Can you say to mum you're cutting back this year ?

dexter73 Wed 19-Nov-14 06:43:31

Join up to the Jack Wills outlet. Some of their t-shirts are about £12.

overmydeadbody Wed 19-Nov-14 06:44:32

I agree, a Next t shirt would not be a good alternative at all.

You could look on Ebay or just buy something else (not clothes) within your budget.

500smiles Wed 19-Nov-14 06:47:05

Agree, if she's into those brands then at that age it HAS to be one of those hmm

Go with something else if it's out of your budget.

Or you could try the superdry outlet on ebay - they're new but slight seconds.

rootypig Wed 19-Nov-14 06:54:46

Zara is good for teenage girls - about 90% of their t shirts are logo-ed shite, but there are some good ones in the mix. A few with stars on which are festive, in a low key way. Get a gift receipt, and don't sweat it.

Bullincathkidston Wed 19-Nov-14 07:01:20

Superdry outlet on eBay easily get a t shirt for a tenner smile

bruffin Wed 19-Nov-14 07:03:32

There is also a hollister/abercrombie outlet online.

ihatethecold Wed 19-Nov-14 07:07:59

Top shop voucher for a tenner.
New look voucher.
There are jack wills toiletries in boots 3 for 2 offers.
I've bought a set of nail varnish and a lip balm set for my 2 dn14.

CambridgeBlue Wed 19-Nov-14 07:08:31

Boots have got some nice Jack Wills gift sets, not t-shirts but I know my similar aged DD would love them.

vjg13 Wed 19-Nov-14 07:08:58

That sounds ridiculously demanding for an 11 year old, it must be the Mother demanding those brands not the daughter. My 11 year old would just look at the top to see if she liked the colour/picture/style and then decide if she liked it or not and not check the brand.

fuzzpig Wed 19-Nov-14 07:09:41

I've used the superdry outlet on eBay before.

But maybe I'd just go with something totally different as I don't like expensive demands grin

StripesofGold Wed 19-Nov-14 07:14:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PeachandBlack Wed 19-Nov-14 12:44:37

Hollister regularly does 30% discount offers. It brings the cost of a t shirt down to about £12 if that is closet to your budget.

PeachandBlack Wed 19-Nov-14 12:46:01

Or I would get a voucher for H&M.

Hoppinggreen Wed 19-Nov-14 12:48:50

My nephew is into those brands but apparently Top Shop is also acceptable.

southeastastra Wed 19-Nov-14 12:50:45

it's so odd that 11 year olds care about brands so much, it's very chavvy isn't it

500smiles Wed 19-Nov-14 13:28:40

IME the early secondary age is when they are REALLY brand aware and it's all about having the right brand. By the time they get out the other side they don't care quite so much apart from about trainers and headphones

I think it's all about fitting in.

LightastheBreeze Wed 19-Nov-14 13:37:26

Hollister sometimes has cheaper sale stuff, usually hidden on shelves at the back, I say hidden as it is dark in there anyway. DS used to get some of this sale stuff and we always used to head to that part of the shop.

ninaprettyballerina Wed 19-Nov-14 15:08:23

Primark have some nice fitted tshirts - everything from characters (disney, Harry potter etc) to brands (mtv, coke)

Homepride1 Thu 20-Nov-14 23:28:49

I have a 11 year old dd and she wouldn't be seen dead in Next clothing!

Her fave shops are New Look, H&M, Primark, Tammy along with Hollister, Superdry and Jack Wills! She also gets odd thing like cropped tee's from topshop as she can wear a size 6 just hadn't got the height for adults yet!

For Xmas she has requested, hollister body spray £11,

lush bath bombs,

hair things/ earrings from Claire's,

Jack Wills knickers,

New look/topshop knickers (can get more sporty cotton looking short ones rather than lace/thongs)

Primark have some great PJ's with bugs bunny, minions, other Disney characters that seem popular this year with that she group (fleece tricky bottom style)

Take look at hollister though as they often have offers on

Picturesinthefirelight Thu 20-Nov-14 23:31:52

Dd is 13 now but from the she of 11 next was awful for girls clothes

New Look, Primark & gap are what she goes for.

nequidnimis Fri 21-Nov-14 12:46:37

I agree that you should look at the outlets or buy a voucher, but also just wanted to say that Jack Wills do have some other branded goods in store that are cheaper than the clothing - pencil cases, toiletries, stationery etc.

I know it wouldn't be the t shirt she'd (rudely!) asked for, but it's still stuff she could show off with at schoolgrin

Muckymoo71 Fri 21-Nov-14 20:14:38

Have a look at m&m direct i bought a load of label clothes for my 12 yr old son

CointreauVersial Fri 21-Nov-14 20:27:13

Jack Wills have 30% off online this weekend. Still too bloody expensive, though.

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