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Do any of you use Lumea?

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TwoInTheMourning Wed 19-Nov-14 06:21:04

I just got myself one, with the facial attachment. Anything I need to know apart from what's on the manual? Scared... confused

GeneParmesan Wed 19-Nov-14 08:49:51

Don't be scared get zapping! I haven't used mine on my face. It's worked really well on my bikini line, not so great on legs and underarms but I haven't used it for a few months. I have pale skin and dark hair and I use it on the max setting.

TwoInTheMourning Wed 19-Nov-14 17:47:21

Thanks Gene. I have pale skin (not the palest) and mousy light hair. You know what I'm scared about? Shaving my tashe and beard and then the Lumea not working!!! Where will that leave me?? I mean, I don't mind shaving everything else but my face???!!!!

IDidNotSignUpForThis Wed 19-Nov-14 19:18:11

It's fab. Get on with it! The instructions tell you to use a white eye pencil to cover the edge of your lips, and I have a little mole I cover up too and then get on with it. I don't use it on max on my face, prob middle setting. It will work. It's brilliant.

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