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Returning to natural colour

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FriedSprout Tue 18-Nov-14 22:27:29

My dd had natural blonde hair when young and then it turned mousey.
She preferred it when blonder so she has been using a hair dye.
The upkeep as the roots return is becoming a bit of a pain and she wants to return to her natural colour.
Can anyone help us with the best way to go about this please?

She has an inch or so of roots at the moment, would this be enough for a hairdresser to be able to create a good match?

Neither of us are very experienced with the language of hair so simple advice would be lovely and any recommendations for hair magicians in central Hampshire would be brilliant. smile

tomanyanimals Wed 19-Nov-14 09:49:56

I would go and see a hairdresser that's been highly recommended especially for the first time to get a good match I am going back to my natural colour once my natural colour got to the half way point I stopped colouring so have a sort ombré effect if that makes sense my hairdresser also used a semi permanent but not sure if they would do that for your daughter.

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