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Home teeth whitening

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Wishfulmakeupping Tue 18-Nov-14 17:58:42

Desperate my teeth look bloody beige thanks to my tea habit sad
Any decent home kits or toothpaste I could use?

specialsubject Tue 18-Nov-14 18:29:01

if you are in the UK, nothing you can buy over the counter works. Teeth bleaching here is dentists only because it wrecks them.

NoArmaniNoPunani Tue 18-Nov-14 18:33:06

I'm a dentist. It's illegal for anyone other than a dentist/hygienist/therapist to do tooth whitening in the uk. Over the counter whitening gels aren't strong enough to work because of these laws.

Go to a hygienist in the first instance, get them cleaned and any stains removed. Then if you still want them whiter ask them about professional whitening

TheNewClassic Tue 18-Nov-14 18:35:48

I bought teeth whitening kit online which worked pretty well. look on amazon.

I had my teeth whitened last week in a laser clinic, not much difference made as they were only two shades away from the top anyway.

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