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Laundering advice...

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Member984700 Mon 17-Nov-14 13:46:15

I've been washing and ironing bedding for a long time (don't ask), and have just come across some bedding that I can't successfully launder like all the rest. It comes out of the cool wash, reduced ironing setting of my Bosch very creased. The company recommend line drying or light tumble and damp ironing. I've done this and and used my steam-generator iron, still have duvet covers (big to iron as we all know) with creases like I've never had from any other bed linen I've ever had.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I like my guest sheets to look like they've been properly laundered rather than just chucked on without ironing - all creased and crinkled. I'm always having to make apologies for them! Maybe I should send them to a commercial laundry? In fact it's possible that with the 'high-end' image of this company most of its customers do have a laundry service. But I'm afraid I don't.

Any ideas out there?

SoMuchForSubtlety Mon 17-Nov-14 13:53:36

Are they linen or cotton? Linen tends to keep a slightly crumpled look I find, no matter what I do.

Member984700 Mon 17-Nov-14 14:38:25

The whole set is 200 thread-count Egyptian-cotton percale. Just spent 30 mins wrestling with the King Size duvet - ironing it damp as recommended. Still has the crinkles it came out of the wash with.

On the website this product is shown with not a crease in sight! Grrr!!

SoMuchForSubtlety Mon 17-Nov-14 14:45:13

I'd try a tumble dry (to iron dry not cupboard dry) with those plastic ball things that help prevent crinkles. That helps my very wrinkley métis sheet. Then hang to fully dry after pulling it flat.

I also have some iron water in a spray bottle that I spray on while ironing things that come out of the machine crumpled.

LuckySaint Mon 17-Nov-14 15:43:35

I have some m&s autograph (high thread count) bedding that looks similar.
I found that ironing straight out of the washer, then line drying or folded over a maiden was best.
If i tumble dry it, the creases stay in until it's next washed!

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