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neilsharvest Sun 16-Nov-14 21:45:44

Im in my mid 20s, have mousey hair naturally with some grey peaking through. I have dyed my hair for years so most of my hair is a kind of reddish medium brown. I plan to grow out my dyed hair to leave my natural colour. In the meantime I figure I may as well abuse the emds of my hair and would love to bleach the ends for an ambre effect. My roots are darker generally than the rest of my hair (apart from few greys).

So any tips on a colour to choose for my ends and how I should go about applying the ombre. This have a short inverted bob- just to my jaw roughly.

Thanks in advance! :-)

MrsAlabamaWorley Mon 17-Nov-14 13:20:27

I can't remember the bleach I used, but I found the best method was to part my hair in the middle (like bunches), then back comb the lengths a little. Back combing will help prevent such a definite line of colour when you use the bleach smile
Then just mix your bleach up, apply it as high as you want your ombre to start and massage it in really well.
I then washed it out, dried my hair and then..(disclaimer: this will probably kill you hair extra dead.).. I bleached again, but this time starting a little lower. It just made more of a gradient and looked more 'natural'.
It's really hard to get wrong so go for it. Always looks lovely. Especially on shorter hair!

MrsAlabamaWorley Mon 17-Nov-14 13:21:10

Ps and then slap on a really nice conditioner and leave on as long as possible!

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