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Apparently the best foundation is the new YSL Tattoo one - anyone tried it

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LaurieFairyCake Sat 15-Nov-14 21:59:04


What's it like?

LaurieFairyCake Sat 15-Nov-14 21:59:56

That's Fusion Ink foundation - not 'tattoo'

Apollinare Sat 15-Nov-14 22:35:08

I had some put on in JL by one of the make-up people and thought it was good. It lasted until I took it off and I didnt look like I'd just been dug up when I caught a glimpse in a mirror. Was thinking I will buy it next time.

nicelyneurotic Sat 15-Nov-14 23:22:19

I tried it and liked it. For about 5 minutes before I realised it was burning my face! I gave it another shot but it burned even worse. Think it was the high alcohol content.

It was quite matte and medium-light coverage. Colour range looked good too. Get a sample first. Ysl are great at giving samples.

Charlieneedscoffee Sun 16-Nov-14 00:17:11

I've been wearing it for the past couple of months. I have oily/combination skin. I love it. I have had so many lovely compliments on my skin grin. I would totally recommend it.

Shoesandpsychology Sun 16-Nov-14 08:12:00

Watching with interest. In need of new foundation.

tethersend Sun 16-Nov-14 17:52:17

I bought some and the coverage was ok (not great), it glides on like a dream due to it being silicone based I think, it didn't shift once on, but is too matte for my skin and looks a bit chalky on me.

If you have oily skin or prefer a matte finish, it's lovely. Needs a bloody good shake to mix it up before applying, though.

tethersend Sun 16-Nov-14 17:55:26

If anyone wants a bottle of it in shade B10, PM me. I've only used it a couple of times.

izzybizzybuzzybees Sun 16-Nov-14 21:49:49

Hi tethers. I've just Pmd you smile that shade looks perfect for me.

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