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Should I get my colours done?

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SuperFlyHigh Sat 15-Nov-14 19:59:34

I'm confused.... Re colours.

Have worked out in past few years I really seem to suit reds (blue reds mostly I think) but I get the most compliments when I wear red lipstick/gloss/clothes. I only wore red occasionally when younger apart from in past 8 years or so at a guess.

I tan a sort of golden colour too.

Now I'm thinking what else do I suit colour wise? I know khaki, orange, yellow, mustard don't suit me and I don't think bright hot pink either.

I was gifted a Color Me Beautiful book in late 80s/early 90s but this had I think main seasons only.

So should I invest in a session? They do scare me a bit. Thanks!

carrie74 Sun 16-Nov-14 08:39:05

I did it about a year ago, and I think it was definitely worth it. If nothing else, it's great seeing the subtle differences between the colours, and finally understanding why I thought navy suited me, but then that navy dress didn't look as good as this one, IYSWIM? I love being able to shop quickly, disregarding things straight away. And of course, having a wardrobe that mixes and matches is great too.

rollonthesummer Sun 16-Nov-14 09:05:07

I had it done about twelve years ago when I was pregnant. It was interesting-they drape material over your shoulders whilst you look in the mirror and you can see which colours wash you out and which look good. She did my make up as well which I found just as useful tbh and the lipstick they recommended, I still wear.

It was useful in showing me that some colours that I liked and wore, really didn't suit me, eg baby pink/blue. I haven't bought colours like that since.

It was a present so I don't know how much it cost-I'd like to do it again. Although I have my pallet of colours, I think I'd listen and take it in more now!

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