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Botox for 11s?

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Somanyillustrations Sat 15-Nov-14 19:31:40

I am considering having some form of non-surgical treatment for frown lines/11s. Is Botox the best bet? I look cross and old at the moment sad

Memphisbelly Sat 15-Nov-14 19:35:22

I had mine done, I have looked annoyed with the world since I was a teen, and even when laughing looked like I was still angry. Had it done for my wedding day and within a week people were commenting asking what facials I had been having in the run up to the day saying how well I looked.
I am pg at the moment but as soon as I have ds I will be getting it topped up.

I was thinking about this for my wedding too.

I have a bum crack in the middle of my eyebrows and I hate it.

Interested in seeing replies smile

Somanyillustrations Sat 15-Nov-14 19:37:30

How much did it cost? My SIL tells me I've developed a bitchy resting face... It's actually getting me down a bit, and although I always swore I would accept my face and body as it is, as I get older I am less certain!

Memphisbelly Sat 15-Nov-14 19:50:19

I paid about £200 for mine it sorted my 11's and my bitchy resting face was sorted, my eyebrow arches looked amazing, I had it done after my sister said I would be the only bride who would give the groom a bitch stare as he gave a speech about how lovely I was.....she was right and it didn't happen thanks to botox grin

Somanyillustrations Sat 15-Nov-14 19:52:17

Sounds great! How long after injections did it take to settle? Have lots of parties before christmas and would love to look a bit more serene.

Marylou2 Sat 15-Nov-14 19:55:21

It takes about 2-3 weeks to take full effect.Best money I ever spent.

Memphisbelly Sat 15-Nov-14 19:55:27

Mine started to take effect within 5 days and I had a top up after 2 weeks, my mum had her done and it took the full 2 weeks to start to take effect.

Somanyillustrations Sat 15-Nov-14 21:06:31

Right, have drunkenly booked a consultation...

maradesbois Sat 15-Nov-14 21:27:30

Do it, no danger of 'Botox face' and it works a treat. If they are deep it won't erase completely but will make a massive difference. I was hesitant about going down the injectables route but thought my 11s were so ageing decided to give it a go last year and so happy with the results. It hasn't led to doing more either which was another fear.

Somanyillustrations Sat 15-Nov-14 21:29:30

How often are you topping up?

maradesbois Sat 15-Nov-14 21:44:59

Tbh I only go every 6 months which seems to surprise them so others must do it more often. It's wearing off now, has probably been about 5 months so will go back to get done again before Christmas. Personally I don't think any more than 3 times per year would be necessary.

Fabulassie Sun 16-Nov-14 09:22:59

I heartily endorse botox for the 11s. I also get a bit on my crow's feet. The crow's feet bit isn't as dramatic in results, but it does help.

I have just had my third round since the early spring. I gather it lasts longer after you've done it a couple of times. It did seem to wear off more slowly to the second time.

ChippyMinton Sun 16-Nov-14 11:45:56

Where do you all get it done?
Mine look more like )I - not even symmetrical!

CheeseBored Sun 16-Nov-14 12:41:59

marking place

Truckingalong Sun 16-Nov-14 14:43:05

Ive had it done at 3 different sk:n clinics.

tess73 Sun 16-Nov-14 14:47:44

What are 11s?

waitingforgodot Sun 16-Nov-14 15:10:00

is it sore?

PrivateBenjamin Sun 16-Nov-14 17:08:03

Tess 11's are the lines some people get between their eyebrows as though they're frowning. It's like this picture.

Lovemcgarrett Sun 16-Nov-14 17:12:37

Ooh I'm following. I think due to having a fringe my forehead has been ok but I do have 11s and crows feet

maradesbois Sun 16-Nov-14 17:44:37

I go to a sk:n clinic too where it's done by a doctor who understands facial muscles etc, never assistant or beautician. They tend to err on the side of caution but do a top up for free after 2 weeks if it hasn't taken well enough.

Fabulassie Sun 16-Nov-14 19:17:30

No, it's not really sore. It hurts very little (less than eyebrow threading) as the needle is so tiny. Sometimes it can make a slightly sore tiny bruise at the injection site but it's not a painful experience, overall.

tess73 Sun 16-Nov-14 20:40:40

Thanks privatebenjamin

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