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I think I am liking EL Double wear light foundation

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Arlagirl Sat 15-Nov-14 15:08:05

As recommended on here, I picked up a sample yesterday and think its what I've been looking for .

GeorginaWorsley Sat 15-Nov-14 15:30:27

I go through stages of liking it tbh.
I used it from August this year until recently but have gone to Revlon Colorstay now, although not feeling the love for this either.
I have numerous foundations, I usually return to full Double Wear though.
I need oil control and longevity but if I achieve that I lose the glow

No simple answer.
good you like DW light thoughgrin

Arlagirl Sat 15-Nov-14 15:57:01

Well it's better than Lancome Air and the new Dior one.

yazzy85 Sat 15-Nov-14 17:25:32

that's great you ended up liking it, I love it too, gives a more natural finish than the original but still lasts long!

Arlagirl Sat 15-Nov-14 17:26:31

Just been to the gym and it still looks good smile

LackingCommonSense Sat 15-Nov-14 17:28:05

Ditto! just bought my first full tube grin

GeorginaWorsley Sat 15-Nov-14 17:29:06

I wore it to the gym too.
I think it's because it's slightly dark for me now as I purchased to match my simmer skin colour.
may have to revisit EL and have a re match!

meltedmonterayjack Sat 15-Nov-14 17:48:10

I love the texture and coverage but I'm in between two shades which is tricky. One makes me look really pale and washed out and the other is too dark (but ok in summer). I don't want to have to buy 2 colours and blend them but think I might need to for winter and spring.

yazzy85 Sat 15-Nov-14 17:51:32

I have to mix # 2&3 to get a perfect match but its worth it having tried tonnes of other expensive foundations but none that don't look cakey or disappear on my very oily skin

Arlagirl Sat 15-Nov-14 17:52:28

I'm a #1

LackingCommonSense Sat 15-Nov-14 20:28:06

#1 here too grin

GeorginaWorsley Sat 15-Nov-14 20:45:04

I think I had a 3.5 in summer.
If I remember correctly 3 is too pinky and 2 much too light.

meltedmonterayjack Sat 15-Nov-14 21:55:45

Might have to bite the bullet and get both 1 (too light) and 2 (too dark) then. It will be worth it I'm sure, because the consistency/coverage is so good. I can't find another make that does what I want/need it to do either.

mummytowillow Sat 15-Nov-14 22:05:48

I hate it but love the normal double wear.

The light one was too greasy and made my eyes stream for some reason.

Normal double wear can't be beaten IMO wink

SirRaymondClench Sat 15-Nov-14 23:11:46

I use this and it's great. If you put it on with a Real Techniques foundation brush it's even better! You don't need a lot and it looks amazing and doesn't have that heavy feel to it.

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