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very casual (jeans) to a wedding reception. ok ever?

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jackydanny Sat 15-Nov-14 11:54:03

been asked to go to support someone, cant get there til 10pm, have to travel on public transport for two hours through London, no time to change, don't want to be sitting cold / exposed...

is it ok to wear smart jeans & blouse? knee high casual boots?

tywysogesgymraeg Sat 15-Nov-14 11:55:04

No. Not ever. Change in the toilets when you get there. Or don't go.

ChippingInAutumnLover Sat 15-Nov-14 11:57:43

Rubbish ^

Yes it will be fine. I have been to several weddings this past year, by 10pm loads of people were in jeans. People even turned up to the very formal wedding in jeans if they were only invited to the evening bit.

bloodyteenagers Sat 15-Nov-14 11:59:01

Depends. Formal sit down no.
Fwiw I have worn jeans to quite a few receptions. But they have been casual affairs and a number of people wore jeans.

tywysogesgymraeg Sat 15-Nov-14 11:59:37

I'd be pretty pissed off if it were my wedding.

Maybe check with the actual couple before making assumptions. But easy to change when you get there though.

jackydanny Sat 15-Nov-14 12:01:06

I don't know the couple, or anybody there.
only the person who invited me.

bluetrain Sat 15-Nov-14 12:02:39

I would have had absolutely no problem with this at my wedding. I barely noticed what guests wore. one of DH's friends turned up in baggy jeans and trainers and we had a bit of a laugh because my mum though he was a maintenance man for the hotel! none of us were offended though.

OP, jeans and nice blouse will be absolutely fine I'm sure.

jackydanny Sat 15-Nov-14 12:02:41

its not easy to change...carting bag of clothes around, boots etc.
I have another appointment (casual) before that.
that's why I cant get there til 10.

iwantgin Sat 15-Nov-14 12:03:35

By 10pm I doubt anyone will notice or care what you wear.

Just go and have fun.

5madthings Sat 15-Nov-14 12:06:19

Of course it's fine, it's the evening due and not all weddings are massively formal anyway.

alemci Sat 15-Nov-14 12:09:27

could you not wear formal trousers instead?

PacificDogwood Sat 15-Nov-14 12:12:36

Don't wear jeans to your previous appointment?
Put a pair of smart trousers in your handbag?

I'd be uncomfortable at a wedding in jeans, but I think if you are going to support somebody else you presence clad in whatever is probably more important than winning etiquette points. And if you are never going to see anybody from the wedding again, well… grin

burnishedsilver Sat 15-Nov-14 18:45:56

I don't think jeans are appropriate. The only thing less appropriate would be a tracksuit. Why not wear black trousers.

divingoffthebalcony Sat 15-Nov-14 18:48:36

You could MAYBE get away with black jeans as long as they're skinny and you have nice shoes and a nice top. Maybe.

Blue jeans: no way.

Littlemoocow Sat 15-Nov-14 18:49:58

Could you wear trousers to your appointment? I don't think jeans for a wedding are appropriate really

Velocirapture Sat 15-Nov-14 19:18:35

No I don't think you can wear jeans to a wedding. Unless you're the bride.

EmilyGilmore Sat 15-Nov-14 19:21:11

Have you been invited? Dies the person you're "supporting" have the bride/groom's permission to bring a guest?

Is it that hard to wear smart trousers instead?

Hassled Sat 15-Nov-14 19:22:54

No to jeans. Really no. Other smart trousers would be fine - can you not wear those on public transport?

YonicScrewdriver Sat 15-Nov-14 19:23:45

Can your date take clothes along for you to change into?

Otherwise I'd go with trousers to your appointment, TBH.

guineapig1 Sat 15-Nov-14 19:28:58

Smart black trousers and a blouse is the way to go. Can easily glam it up with statement necklace/ earrings /scarf en route.

Sonoma Sat 15-Nov-14 19:32:57

Hundreds of thousands of people travel on the tube in smart clothes every day. You'll live.

Trills Sat 15-Nov-14 19:43:15

There must be some combination of clothing that you can wear to the first thing that will be smarter than jeans and look OK for the wedding reception.

Why do you think that you will be cold? Public transport is not as bad as all that.

jimmycrackcornbutidontcare Sat 15-Nov-14 19:53:59

I think jeans are absolutely fine. I didn't give a hoot what anyone wore to any part of my wedding. I think anybody who does is a bit odd.

FamiliesShareGerms Sat 15-Nov-14 20:17:59

No I really wouldn't. Not least because you'll stick out like a sore thumb and everyone will wonder who you are and if you should be there, maybe think you're a gatecrasher

wondering how much support someone can be at 10 pm when the do has been going for hours

Minshu Sat 15-Nov-14 20:23:01

If you're not there until 10, I reckon no one will notice. If you don't know the couple, presumably they won't be too concerned about what a random "plus one" is wearing, either. Check with the person you are there to support, if you are still worried.

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