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What to buy for ski trip?

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AuntySib Sat 15-Nov-14 00:02:38

Hoping for a list if what I really need to get for 14 year old DS going a school ski trip in February. School still hasn't provided a list, and have no idea of what's really necessary.
Trip is costing £££ so don't want to spend more than I have to, hoping to get some of it for xmas.
DS is man-size, doesn't really feel the cold, but hates being wet as it triggers eczema.
Any tips please?
And where should I buy it?

BendyBusBuggy Sat 15-Nov-14 00:09:48

Ski coat with powder skirt (to prevent snow riding up his back)
Ski trousers
Ski socks (lots)
Ski gloves

Will he rent a helmet?
Presumably he'll rent skis/boots/poles

ishouldcocoa Sat 15-Nov-14 00:10:17

Try Decathlon, TK Maxx or Trespass. There are some second hand ski wear companies around so may be worth a look.

Get stuff that is breathable. He'll be a wet soggy mess after a day on the slopes. And that's on the inside!

He'll need at least one pair of gloves, ski socks x 3 or more, lightweight thermals, goggles or ski glasses. Presume a helmet is provided by the ski hire place.

BendyBusBuggy Sat 15-Nov-14 00:11:31

I don't think special ski underwear is necessary unless he goes sonewhere very cold. T-shirt and maybe long johns (but orobably not uf he does not feel cold) will do.

dancingwitch Sat 15-Nov-14 00:14:14

I think LIDL have their ski gear in from Monday. Given that they are a German company, I would have thought it should be good quality.
I think the thing that he is going to have to be careful of is getting sweaty and then his base layer staying damp as that won't just aggravate his excema but means he will soon start to smell so I would get him some tops with wicking.

BendyBusBuggy Sat 15-Nov-14 00:15:52

You could also try lands end (look for a discount code or wait for the sale), go outdoors or sign up for e.g. Sports pursuit

Unexpected Sat 15-Nov-14 00:22:28

Mountain Warehouse have 50% of everything this week, just kitted DS2 out there today.

AuntySib Sat 15-Nov-14 00:27:40

Thanks guys, really fast responses!

So, are jackets different from ordinary warm puffer jackets - special fabric or something? And is wicking the stuff that makes the base layer breathable? And are the trousers made from breathable fabric normally?

Never used thermal underwear, is that breathable?

Also, re ski socks - do you wear them over normal socks or by themselves?

Will check out Lidl and second hand shops if possible - we live in London so hopefully there must be at least one not too far away.

Really grateful for all your suggestions!

SunshineAndShadows Sat 15-Nov-14 00:30:45

Decathalon and Mountain warehouse are great for good value ski stuff. He needs a couple of pairs of ski trousers (maybe just one) a jacket with powder skirt, socks, gloves and the a few base layer type t shirts (short and long sleeve) plus goggles and z helmet. Mountai warehouse and decathalon are the best price/quality combination

SunshineAndShadows Sat 15-Nov-14 00:35:47

A regular warm puffa jacket will be fine if it's waterproof but if he slips the snow will sneak up hid back as he falls. (Hence the need for a powder skirt.) If it's not waterproof he'll be a soggy mess.

Socks- decent medium thickness wicking type socks will do but socks that wick and don't go soggy preferred . Wear by themselves.
You basically need stuff that will keep you warm when standing in snow but be breathable enough to be comfy when sweating

AuntySib Sat 15-Nov-14 00:38:12

Forgot to ask, would he need a fleece as well as a jacket? Or just usual t-shirt over the underwear? And boots- do you have different boots for walking around to those worn with skis?

AuntySib Sat 15-Nov-14 00:40:47

Thanks Sunshine, that's really helpful.

AuntySib Sat 15-Nov-14 00:46:20

OK, found these .
Worrying that they haven't got braces. Is that a problem?

Unexpected Sat 15-Nov-14 00:57:46

Yes, he will need other boots for walking around town, his ski boots will come off once he is off the slopes. When our boys were little I used to buy snow boots sometimes because you could get them cheaply in sports shops. Now they are in large mens' sizes, they are still relatively cheap but not worth buying for just a week so they usually wear the hiking boots which they already own. If your ds has done DofE he will probably have something suitable.

AuntySib Sat 15-Nov-14 01:22:55

Thanks everyone, isn't the internet wonderful?? Advice given, purchase made,
all sorted!

Ujjayi Sat 15-Nov-14 07:45:21

I see you are now sorted smile. But wanted to add that TKMaxx is great for skiwear as is Trespass.

Even though he doesn't feel the cold, I would still insist he wears base layers. I am assuming he hasn't ski'd before? He will spend a lot of time standing around on the mountain waiting for instructions & lifts etc. and you can get extremely cold. My eldest DS & DH are both "warm" people but still wear base layers. Plus mountain weather can be stunningly warm if it's sunny but bloody freezing in a blizzard & fog. I've had trips with a balmy -5 on one day & the next -20 (that's brain freeze weather on a chairlift!!).

Ski trousers often have zippable vents on the inside thigh. If you feel too hot, you just unzip to let some air in. Lots of base layer tops have a half zip so easily undone for ventilaton if necessary.

Ski chalets are usually very warm & so it is easy to feel you have too many layers on but you really must.

DS14 gets dressed like this for skiing:

Long sleeve base layer/thermal top
either a tee & hoody layered over or long sleeve roll neck half-zip top.
Thermal leggings
Ski socks pulled up over the top of leggings
Then of course trousers & jacket plus snood-type scarf, gloves, goggles.

I would recommend a fleece not necessarily for skiing but just as a handy warm layer for in the chalet.

2 pairs of gloves - spare, dry pair!!

Lip balm & suncream suitable for mountains (extra thick so it protects from wind burn too). Piz Buin do a handy pocket size mountain range & Boots often have it on special offer.

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