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Help me choose a new watch

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Helenagrace Fri 14-Nov-14 19:48:54

My lovely DH has just landed a new job. We've had a bumpy couple of years with redundancies etc. and to thank me for my support he wants to buy me a new everyday watch. My budget is £150.

My current watch is a ten year old citizen eco drive. I haven't even looked at watches for years. I've had a quick look online tonight and I like the look of Skagen watches. Are they good?

I'm a plus size but my hands and wrists are quite delicate looking (I don't suit big rings or bracelets). My rings are gold and most of my jewellery is too .

Can anyone suggest anything else I should look at? Should I go to a jeweller or somewhere else? I can get into London easily if I need to.

dottytablecloth Fri 14-Nov-14 19:54:55

I've just bought my mum this for Christmas. Maybe it's too sparkly for your taste?

mowglik Fri 14-Nov-14 20:33:50

I like Olivia burton watches, they're quite delicate looking but not too small in size

cardamomginger Fri 14-Nov-14 20:39:59

Skagen is lovely. I have 3 - one with mesh bracelet, one with a leather strap and one with a link bracelet. I love them to bits. They are very well made and I think look a lot more expensive than they actually are.

Helenagrace Sat 15-Nov-14 00:50:22

Oooh the Olivia Burton one is pretty Mowglik. The first one is nice too but I'd probably catch the stones all the time.

Inselaffe Sat 15-Nov-14 00:59:41

This is similar to mine but they also do a slightly cheaper version with a leather strap. I think they're great smile

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