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Split ends and damaged hair

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Despite using decent hair products and the odd overnight treatment my hair is fine, seems quite damaged and is full of split ends.

Any ideas? I do have regular highlights, partly to cover grey hairs and wash it every day.

tomanyanimals Fri 14-Nov-14 07:07:13

I have a regular trim every six weeks and any products I put on also have a conditioning effect as well I still get split ends but I'm due my next trim by then so they don't get too bad would that be an option it seems to be the only thing that really works for me

Are you blow drying / straightening every day? Any way you could drop down to once every other day.

BIWI Fri 14-Nov-14 07:20:54

How often do you have it cut?

And washing every day could be a problem - my hairdresser always tells me off if I say I'm doing that!

Donteatthekidssweets Fri 14-Nov-14 07:39:17

Try a brazilian blow dry so that you don't have to straighten everyday. I did this at the beginning of this year and my hair is in much better condition now. I also use ojon and only get my roots done regularly and colour all over every six months or so to limit damage. Also something good before I blow dry/ straighten, currently extraordinary oil but sounds like you do this anyway. My hair is fine and dry, hope this helps!

SarahCraine Fri 14-Nov-14 08:05:36

There are various remedies you can apply at home. Mix egg with olive/almond oil and honey as a hair mask for 30-45 minutes. Orange juice and a banana in two eggs will also make a good remedy for split ends. Some other remedies are Papaya, Castor Oil, Cream, Honey, Beer, Avocado, Vitamin E Capsules and many more.

snickers251 Fri 14-Nov-14 08:18:02

My hair is really thick and had been having the same problems but have managed to get it into a decent condition by washing and straightening less is every 4/5 days

I've been trying various home remedies including mayonnaise (with a teaspoon of peppermint extract to stop the ham sandwich smell) and pure coconut oil

The mayonnaise worked really well and my hair was lovely and shiny, the coconut oil made it soo soft

think I'll give Sarahs recipie a go next grin

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I will give some of Sarah's ideas a go.

I wash my hair every day. It always looks awful on the second day so it's hard to leave it. I can try just perhaps dampening it and redrying lightly on the second day but leaving it totally for a number of days is a risk no go unfortunately. I never straighten it and wouldn't as I think it would make the condition worse. My hair is cut and at least roots fine around every six weeks.

snickers251 Fri 14-Nov-14 23:40:30

It took me (or rather my hair) a while to getting used to being washed less as I used to do it every day.

I think it's something about stripping the oils so it produces more?? I dunno anyway dry shampoo is great stuff and wearing it up on day 4 grin

I do agree actually I think on washing it less. Somehow I think I need to wash it perhaps even five times a week rather than seven.

I used to wash mine every day and have gradually got it down to about twice a week. Did it over a couple of years though and I wear it up quite a lot.

Greengardenpixie Sun 16-Nov-14 00:40:11

I wash mine once a week. I rarely wear products in it so it stays cleaner for longer. I get away with it cause I wear it up aswell. My hair has been damaged but itssoo much better with a cut and loreal extraordinary mask and the shampoo first.

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