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I want a 70s style pair of closed toe dark tan high heeled sandals......

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moondog Thu 13-Nov-14 21:00:17

the kind that go with tights and a 70s style dress in manner of a Charlie perfume ad. Know what I mean? High blocky heel. Maybe even brown and navy. Have tried all avenues I can think of but nowt doing.
Tethersend?? <calls out into the wind>

pickledparsnip Thu 13-Nov-14 21:03:08

What about clogs? Lotta From Stockholm has a fantastic range.

JellyMould Thu 13-Nov-14 21:04:52

The Clark's Orla kiely ones?

macnab Thu 13-Nov-14 21:12:01

I'm not even the OP but I think those Orla Kiely ones are perfect! I'd wear them now, they are not for fancy dress!

moondog Thu 13-Nov-14 22:21:24

Yes I like those very much! Perhaps a wee bit higher would be better? Are they veering into Grayson Oerry territory though? I love clogs and have Hasbeena. Tried lotta ones but never got a size that fitted properly.

tethersend Fri 14-Nov-14 00:10:23

please get these, I love them.

Keep an eye on eBay for orla kiely/clarks Marianne from last year's collection.

tethersend Fri 14-Nov-14 00:11:01

they also came in navy

tethersend Fri 14-Nov-14 00:11:55

some here in a 5

tethersend Fri 14-Nov-14 00:13:58

Moondog, have just clocked that it's you grin

How are you?

tethersend Fri 14-Nov-14 00:16:12

You need some of these...

moondog Fri 14-Nov-14 22:33:32

Ah, dear old Tether!
Loving your work!
Why you have not changed profession and become a stylist or personal shopper is beyond me.
I am good thanks! Not posted for a while.
You good?

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