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Can you do ombre after highlights?

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DanGleebals Wed 12-Nov-14 20:22:35

I've been having a full head of highlights every few months for quite a while now. I am getting a bit bored of it to be honest but the last time I tried to go darker I looked dead grin

I was wondering about going darker but keeping the tips light to avoid the corpse look but still cut down onthe number of times i visit the hairdresser. Can it be done by adding darker highlights to the roots or will I need to dye the lot then lighten the ends? I can pop in to the salon to see what they think but I just wondered if anyone had done it before?

GlaceCherries Wed 12-Nov-14 20:37:25

That's just exactly what I had done before the summer - really easy for the hairdresser and actually cheaper than highlights. My hair was dyed dark at the roots to remove all the lighter highlights, the ends were all bleached and coloured.

It's grown out surprisingly well and I'm considering getting it or something similar done again soon.

DanGleebals Wed 12-Nov-14 21:15:40

Oooh, sounds promising. Are you naturally dark haired? I am a dark mouse colour so hoping that the regrowth wouldn't be too obvious.

GlaceCherries Wed 12-Nov-14 23:41:15

I've naturally dark brown / black hair (hence the bleach before colour). Hairdresser used a dark brown towards the roots to "blend" from the blonde tips to the natural black - looks better than that sounds, really! Get it done and see how it goes... you can always have the whole thing dyed and changed again grin

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