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Toga pulla boots

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Chocolou Wed 12-Nov-14 16:30:46

I love the toga pulla boots that eve wears on the all worn out blog. Sadly I don't have her budget.

Has anyone seen any similar in their travels please?

Am on phone so no linky link.

FelixFelix Wed 12-Nov-14 16:32:42

Following as I'm desperate for some but can't afford any either!

AmberNectarine Wed 12-Nov-14 16:34:19

I've got them. They cut my feet to ribbons every time I wear them, so you're best off not getting them!

I think topshop had some copies

AmberNectarine Wed 12-Nov-14 16:34:56

But if you really are desperate I got mine for about £95 in the Net a Porter sale.

FelixFelix Wed 12-Nov-14 16:48:12

Amber are they narrow? Do Net a Porter have a sale after Xmas?

Chocolou Wed 12-Nov-14 17:50:25

Phew. Thank goodness I can't afford them!!

£95 is still a lot for me for a fashion pair if boots. Would be different if they were classic but feel I may get bored after one winter.

AmberNectarine Wed 12-Nov-14 17:54:03

They are quite narrow. nap sale usually starts 26/27 December.

sharingeverythingtwice Wed 12-Nov-14 17:59:36

kind of similar


LuckySaint Wed 12-Nov-14 18:07:05

I've got a code for Matches, £100 off a £300 spend if anyone wants it?
That'd make the boots £230 ish.

Awks Wed 12-Nov-14 18:23:57

Topshop Billy's are quite near

HermioneDanger Wed 12-Nov-14 19:04:36

I came on here to recommend the Topshop Billys. I have them and they're very comfortable. I get lots of compliments on them whenever I wear them too.

FelixFelix Wed 12-Nov-14 19:56:33

The Billy's are very nice! Good find

catacats Wed 12-Nov-14 21:40:16

I have a pair of toga pullas I bought from matches and I find the sizing perfect, they were in Italian sizing I see netaporter stock them in french sizing which I have heard runs differently to Italian sizing which could account for the sizing issues some ladies are having.
Eve from all worn out bought hers off eBay she said she had put a contact if they come into stock alert in and just waited so they do come up that's another option.
I love mine and will hopefully wear them for years cost per wear and all that ��. I wear a lot of black and they really give an edgy look to whatever I'm wearing, or so I tell myself.

BlueEyedWonder Thu 13-Nov-14 06:23:48

I love them too but wouldn't want to pay more than £100. Thanks for the heads up about the NAP sale and also the ebay tip.

Turquoiseblue Thu 13-Nov-14 06:28:39

Sam Edelman did a slightly similar boot last season too - let me find them .....

Turquoiseblue Thu 13-Nov-14 06:33:46

Sorry it s Hudson these are similar aren't they?

Dancingyogi Thu 13-Nov-14 07:38:44

Lucky saint I'd love the code if you still have it, thanks!

MrPop Thu 13-Nov-14 10:38:44

Some offerings from H&M:

not leather

leather - I tried these but I couldn't get my high instep into them!

tame version

higgle Thu 13-Nov-14 11:14:31

OP, I hate you! I looked at the Toga Pulla site and through I wasn't that keen on the boots, but the knitwear, the pleated skirt, the "relaxed" trousers.....OMG, so lovely and far far too expensive for me.

LuckySaint Thu 13-Nov-14 19:06:41

Dancingyogi I'll pm you the code when i've put ds to bed.

justasecond Thu 13-Nov-14 21:17:43

On the off chance you have small feet what about these?

Turquoiseblue Fri 14-Nov-14 20:34:21

these are the ones I was thinking if before, I had bought them and returned them - sizing is small be warned

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