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Really really need skincare help...

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susannahmoodie Mon 10-Nov-14 20:22:48

Over the last few months my skin has just got worse and worse- I'm thinking it could be down to hormones as I stopped bf my 14mo ds a few weeks ago. I have the implant which the gp said might be making my skin worse, but I'm not sure what other type of contraception to go for- but break outs seem to coincide with breakthrough bleeding and low mood.

Basically my skin is oily, and always has been, but now I have red bumpy angry looking patches around my nose and especially on my chin, with some big red spots on my chin and my cheeks.

I have started double
Cleansing- I have just been given a clarisonic as a birthday present so not sure if that will help.

There are things I have read about on here but I'm
Not sure if they are right for my skin type....

Alpha h liquid gold??
Glycolic acid pads??

Also what type of moisturiser for oily skin??

I'm really getting desperate, it's awful!!

WildBillfemale Mon 10-Nov-14 20:43:19

Sounds hormonal - trip to the doc first.

Bioderma global sebium is an acid treatment cream and extremely effective at clearing acne, smells like cucumber but don't be fooled it's strong stuff. Do a patch test before putting all over face.

Don't be too harsh with strong products however as your skin will just produce more oil.

Kundry Mon 10-Nov-14 21:02:31

First stop should be to read the Dr Sam Bunting Q&A, will tell you everything!

In summary though:
Cleanser - simple and non-foaming. She always recommends Cetaphil and Avene Gentle Cleanser.

Acid - salicylic if you have blackheads, glycolic if not. She likes Effaclar Duo A LOT. I use Paula's Choice 2% BHA and also like it a lot.

Moisturiser - oil and fragrance free. Avene and LRP have lots of options. I like Cerave.

Not tried Clarisonic as doing all of the above cleared mine up a treat without it smile If you still have spots after doing the skincare routine she suggests, you probably need a prescription.

WildBillfemale Tue 11-Nov-14 07:30:10

re moisturiser - I have break outs of hormonal adult acne occasionaly.

I know we are 'told' we need to moisturise even if we are oily but frankly I think this is just to persuade us to buy more products. Your skins oil is it's own best moisturiser. The trick is to get it balanced if you are an oily, you don't need to add a layer of product (even oil free).

What I've found works is to gently cleanse, use a treatment cream on the spotty bits. Use an eye cream.
If bits of my skin do get dry (windburn etc) then I use a moisturiser ONLY on the dry bits. There really is no need to put it all over your face if you are oily. You are looking to clear and balance, the less products you use to achieve this the better. More products mean more stimulants/more aggressors

SweetPeaPods Tue 11-Nov-14 08:37:30

Sounds like me last year when I stopped bf ds1.
What helped me was dermatologica special cleansing gel followed by LRP effaclar duo. Much sympathies it's horrible isn't it.

aprilwintour Tue 11-Nov-14 09:41:32

Completely second Kundry, when it comes to a cleanser simple and non-foaming is best. I had to change my whole skincare routine after getting bumpy patches on my chin and eczema around my eyes.

I used to love my foamy cleansers but have definitely seen an improvement switching. It was a rather expensive trip to clinique but can really recommend their redness range (only problem is now my husband keeps using it all!)

Kundry Tue 11-Nov-14 17:50:46

Thankyou aprilwintour When my skin is v bad I use the treatment gel everywhere, not just the spotty bits, to prevent more spots coming out.

I agree with WildBillfemale - not everyone needs moisturiser, especially if you are oily. The cleanse, tone moisturise mantra was made up by the beauty industry to sell us more product. I often miss off moisturiser if I don't think I need it or am running late

You only really need it if you have dry skin or are using one with specific ingredients as moisturising in itself isn't anti-ageing or improving your skin.

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