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Children's clothes for photo shoot (especially for the DSs)

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Neverknowingly Sun 09-Nov-14 10:40:18

Ok so in despair at our complete inability to get the 2 older DC to both be still at the same time we have booked a studio photo shoot for the end of Dec. GPs desperate for photos and based overseas.

We have been told to take 3 changes of clothing and I just have virtually no idea and not an artistic bone in my body.

We have:

DS1 4.6
DD 2.7
DS2 0.5

DD has a popatu dress which she loves dressing up in so I'd like to get the boys something to wear while she wears that.

She also has a cute autumnal outfit (peach leggings and ruffled cream top with leather look calf length boots) which I might use. Again would need something complimentary (autumnal?) for DSs.

Is there anywhere that I can get matching jeans or chinos for the boys - there seems to be a split between boys and baby clothes so styles do not follow through baby to toddler.

Any other ideas please?

tassisssss Sun 09-Nov-14 10:43:44


i'd be struggling to be one I liked! I'd put boys in matching shirts (Next do a 3 month to age 6 range IIRC) and daughter in a dress of similar/complementary colour.

I have seen nice pics with everyone in denim and white shirts (but maybe that's a bit 5 years ago?).

What about doing one with christmas jumpers?

Neverknowingly Sun 09-Nov-14 10:54:20

I know! I'm guessing they might only use 2 but want us to have a choice.

Thanks for the tip about next - I was thinking something along what you suggested hence wanting matching jeans or chinos although I might save that (chinos plus white Ts) for some beach photos on holiday in Jan if we pick up any photography tips!

Neverknowingly Sun 09-Nov-14 10:57:38

Christmas jumpers would be nice but Christmas related things in June make my shoulders hunch and it would be a shame to get pics that I can only bear to look at once a year grin

chaletian Sun 09-Nov-14 11:26:07

PJs and teddies?

Neverknowingly Sun 09-Nov-14 11:51:18

That is a cute idea. They all got similar but different teddies when they were born and it would be nice to use those in a memorable way. plus pjs gives a theme without need to match. I like it!

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