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Argh! Bra intervention/ bra help please!

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Nightfall1983 Sun 09-Nov-14 10:02:49

A while ago, after posting here for advice and then going into bravissimo to check I found myself in new, comfy 36D bras after having previously believed I was a 42A (thanks m and s!). All well.

Today on Zulily they have panache bras on special offer and I though I'd buy one, lately my 36Ds have been feeling rather tight on the band because I've gained some weight so I thought I'd measure first. I found myself a 38 under boob - as expected really - and 46 on the lowest point. That's not even that loose, could get to a 47 or even a bit more if it was looser! So 38, 46 - would that be 38F?? That can't be right, I was fitted a very comfortable 36D by bravissimo a year or so ago, I haven't grown that much - I don't pop out of my 36Ds. Any suggestions/ideas? There is no local bravissimo here and the Zulily offer ends today so I guess I'm going to have to miss it sad

Chocolou Sun 09-Nov-14 10:29:57

Can I gate crash please op?

I wear a 30hh band is ok but have alittle bit overspill. Do I try a 30k or kk?

SorrelForbes Sun 09-Nov-14 11:19:22

Nightfall1983 Your new measurements suggest a 38G.

Ok, first things first, put on your 36D back to front. Can you stretch it out about a couple of cm? If you can, then stick with a 36 back for now (it's very common for those of us with squidgier torsos to be able to wear a smaller back than we measure. Also, there is more fabric in a 36 than a 30 so hence more elastic and more stretch in relative terms).

Putting your 36D on the right way round, scoop with all your might! Is there overspill, underarm bulge, back fat? I would expect there to be a lot in a 36D. I suspect that the lack of cup space is making the band feel too tight. If there is overspill then you're going to need to go up in the cup.

If the band feels too tight back to front, then move up to a 38. You may need a bigger cup too depending on the result above.

Chocolou How much overspill? I'd say a small bump or a tiny bit (hardly noticeable) is about one cup size. You may need to go up two cups so a 30JJ (30HH, 30J, 30JJ, 30K, 30KK etc.)

quietbatperson Sun 09-Nov-14 20:13:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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