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I'm the wrong bodyshape for everything that's fashionable right now!

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BootcutForever Sat 08-Nov-14 15:34:21

I'm 5'5" and a size 8-10 which sounds like I have a body to die for. Not so. I have disproportionately short, chunky legs (even a size 10 skinny is often too tight on the leg). I have a nice-ish size 10 bum, size 8 waist and good (not too big/not too small) boobs. Not much in the way of hips though- I go out from behind not from either side, if that makes sense?!

Basically skinny and straight trousers look pretty awful - massive on the waist yet tight on the bum and legs. Baggy tops and tunics hide my best bits and emphasise my legs.

I would like some smart/casual (sorry- hate that term) outfits bit I'm really struggling. Bootcut or wideleg trousers and slim tops have been my friend for so long but they're really dated now.

Not too fussed about a budget, although I'd prefer high street/middle of the road prices over designer really. Any suggestions gratefully received. TIA

OneLittleLady Sat 08-Nov-14 15:40:24

The answer is dresses. It really is. I am on the extreme end of hourglass ( I'm a 14 in dresses but I'm only 4'11'' with really short legs for perspective) I have a small waist but chunky legs which don't really look great in any style of trousers as they all cling to the biggest part of my legs. I am most comfortable and look and feel the best in a dress that is more fitted at the waist. I have short/long/3/4/sleeveless ones for every need. skirt separates also work well as I can fit them on the waist and not really worry about further down. Fleece lined tights for winter and nice cardis/kimonos/shirts for over the top and I am set. I don't see the point in getting frustrated and upset constantly because trousers just aren't cut to fit me

BootcutForever Sat 08-Nov-14 20:14:32

Thank you for your reply. I have recently bought a couple of jersey dresses. I have such thick knees though so over the knee is completely out and I worry that I look a bit frumpy and old fashioned in knee length. (I'm mid 30s).

I'm loving the floral chiffon blouses that are everywhere atm, just can't find the bottoms to go with them.

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