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Ash virginy trainer. I'm currently wearing one 4 & one 5. Sizing help please!

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u32ng Fri 07-Nov-14 22:19:37

I can't make up my mind which size to keep!confused

I am normally a 5 but the 5 does feel a bit roomy & I've heard the sizing can be a bit generous. The 4 is ok though there's a tiny bit of pinching across the widest part or my toes.

I can't work out how much the shoe will stretch with wear and don't want to make an expensive mistake by getting pinchy 4's that might be ok after a good wearing or roomy 5's that might rub my heels or be stretched out boats after a good wearing.

Is there anyone out there with the same shoe that you've worn for a bit so can advise me on stretch please?

lougle Fri 07-Nov-14 22:24:40

For a horrible moment I read your thread title as 'Ash virginity trainer' and my eyes widened even further once I read about a size 5 feeling roomy shock

I know nothing about the trainers though. Sorry about that!

Greengardenpixie Fri 07-Nov-14 22:30:38

My gut reaction is to keep the ones with a little more room. Could you buy an insole for them. Works a treat for me. I dont have them so cant comment on a particular brand however i have bought trainers and shoes that were too small for me and pinched because the others seemed to big but feet swell and sometimes you need that extra space. I remember years ago doing this and my feet were so sore i had black nails with bruising.

Greengardenpixie Fri 07-Nov-14 22:41:35

and in my experience, those types of shoes with the rubber bit at the toe rarely give after time. They were the type of shoes with the rubber toe bit, i hurt my feet with!

LadyRubyPenhaligon Fri 07-Nov-14 22:48:04

Keep the 5. They do come up big but the 4s will forever pinch and rub and so you won't wear as much.

u32ng Sat 08-Nov-14 00:07:46

Thanks! In bed now and although still unsure I was leaning towards the 5. I decided to measure the 5 against my current converse and it was about the same size.

You make a good point Greengarden - the rubber bit is pretty fixed I suppose eh?

I think it's just the price making me shock a bit over the sizing!

BlueEyedWonder Sat 08-Nov-14 06:57:39

I have Ash boots. I am a 4 and wear a 4. They do feel a little more roomy than other brands but they don't feel "too big". I wouldn't size down if they are pinching as I don't think my boots have given over time.

mysteryfairy Sat 08-Nov-14 07:58:37

Going against other comments I do size down in these. A size smaller than my feet feel snug to start with but are fine after a couple of wears. A friend who bought her actual size is driven mad by how loose hers are.

u32ng Sat 08-Nov-14 08:29:54

Well I've definitely decided on the 5's. My feet were all hot from wearing my sheepskin slippers this morning and I went to put my feet into the 4's and just thought "hmm, no". Will report back in a month or 2 in case anyone else has a similar dilemma in the future!

Greengardenpixie Sat 08-Nov-14 08:58:43

I reckon you have made the right choice. keep wiyh your own size. If they do feel roomy, get a slim insole. It will make you boots feel a little snugger. I have a pairvof biker boots that are slighly roomy. I put an insole in and they are perfect. I buy just a slim odour eater. If you need them snugger buy thicker ones.

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