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Does this sort of handbag exist?

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vvviola Fri 07-Nov-14 05:24:01

I'm looking for a new handbag possibly for DH to get me for Christmas

It doesn't need to be any particular label or brand (in fact better if it isn't, we haven't got a massive budget - probably equivalent of £100 if it's a present, less if I bu it myself)

The thing is, it needs to do the following for me:
Work as a "going on the aeroplane bag" for my bits and pieces - as my carry on will probably be filled with things to occupy the DDs on our multiple 12 hour flights (emigrating)
Be smart enough to use as my work handbag when we arrive at the other side
Be pretty spacious, with plenty of pockets so I don't have to dig around at the bottom for things
Be light - I've had some big handbags that were a massive weight even empty
Needs to be pretty strong as I have a habit of overloading bags
Be pretty without being overly so (I'm a fairly plain dresser so anything with too much flounce going on just wouldn't be me)
Not black.

I'm not in the UK, but online stuff is probably manageable.

Any ideas? Or is it just a case of I'll know it when I see it?

FauxFox Fri 07-Nov-14 06:54:49

bit over budget but lovely colour
navy or red

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