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Ash spiral and fat chunky dumpy bird

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GrumbleGums Thu 06-Nov-14 18:34:42

Have had my ash spirals in tan/camel for a year now and I love them. When I'm lying down with my legs in the air admiring them. This is clearly not how it should be done.

Looking at pictures online I love how they're styled with skinny jeans, slouchy tops, flippy dresses. BUT, I'm a good size 18, trying to lose weight but realistically am always chunky calved.

Can I make these work or am I doomed to just gaze at them or sell them on eBay to someone who will never love them like I can!

Pompbear Thu 06-Nov-14 19:50:01

wear 'em. life's too short. in the nicest possible way (I'm an 18 and I wear Spirals so feel equipped to say this) it's fat that makes us look fat, not our boots. so wear them! grin

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