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eyeliner discomfort

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MilkshakeMonkey Thu 06-Nov-14 14:42:41

I like wearing eyeliner, but am having issues with it at the moment.

I had a felt tip style one for a bit, got on fine then suddenly started getting running eyes, guessed maybe time to get a new one. Same brand (collection 2000 I think) , no tears for a week or two then started again.

So I tried benefit they're real push up liner. At first great, (really liked it)now a month later started teary eyes again.

Just tried a liner pencil and instant tingling running eyes.

so are my eyes too sensitive for eye liner sad or are there any brands that might not cause running eyes?
They don't sting just start over watering about 30 mins after application (so I arrive at school in the morning looking sad!)

Carpaccio Thu 06-Nov-14 16:00:37

Clinique might be an option - they are usually pretty good for sensitive eyes and if you react to the product then they're usually pretty good about that too - ask before you buy just in case smile

There are other brands on the market for sensitive eyes, such as La Roche-Posay.

You could also try an eye shadow (wet or dry) applied with an angled brush.

I'd suggest to also have a look at your other eye makeup and skincare products you put in the eye area. I have had issues with itchy eyes during the day, especially after being in the rain/my eyes watering and it turned out to be an eye cream that would run into my eyes if it got wet.

Other tips:
Replace your mascara every 6 months.
Clean your makeup brushes every week and clean eye makeup brushes more often.

I was once told that there can be nickel in makeup, including eye makeup and if that should be a problem, to avoid the black versions and go for the brown instead as nickel is less likely to be in the brown products such as mascara, kohl and liners.

Maverick66 Thu 06-Nov-14 16:23:29

I have very sensitive eyes but I can wear No 7 eyeliner. I wear the black liquid one but they do a pencil as well.

MilkshakeMonkey Thu 06-Nov-14 18:04:04

Thanks for the tips x

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