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searching for the impossible?bra experts please!

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saveahorserideacowboy Thu 06-Nov-14 14:26:38

Help me please. So I'm a 32F - G depending on which shop bra and how much my 14 month old is feeding. I am definitely this size having measured with the bra intervention advice on here and gone into shops. However breastfeeding 2DC, alot of weight gain during pregnancies and now lost alot has left me with ahem a loss of fullness on top (saggy in other words!) I am only 27 and did not expect this yet!!
Anyway my problem is this; unless I wear a full high cupped (granny!) Bra with no padding just thin material my boobs spill out. Balcony, tshirt etc all have the same problem. If I go up cup sizes all that happens is they gape horrendously at the top and I still loose a boob if I bend over!!

Whilst I don't mind wearing my granny bra's in every day life they are not particularly flattering, look crap under a dress for a night out and I can't wear anything remotely low cut. The bra measuring lady today in a high st store told me there is no bra that will fix my problem and I'll have to give up on low cut tops and dresses that require a decent padded bra. She said hopefully when I stop BF they may get some fullness back.

Does a bra exist that has some shape and padding to it that is high cupped to keep my boobs in? Can anyone help? I hope this has made sense and I absolutely don't mean to offend with the use of Granny bra but can't think how else to put it!

A lot of people do recover at least some upper fullness once they stop feeding and their breasts settle again. In the meantime, a lot of people find that balconettes and half cups which basically aren't very tall work well as they can get enough volume at the bottom of the breast without gaping at the top-you want styles that basically don't have an upper section as it's trying to fill this which causes lots of issues . Likes of the Cleo juna or maddie, bravissimo branded half cups, Freya patsy half cup, curvy Kate entice etc work well. Bravissimo alana might work too, as might the dotty spot style. You shouldn't spill over the top if the cups are big enough at the bottom.

CMOTDibbler Thu 06-Nov-14 14:43:18

I'm a similar size (30FF), and have found a half cup bra works perfectly more my bottom heavy norks - no gaping, a lovely shape, and they hold you well

saveahorserideacowboy Thu 06-Nov-14 14:50:42

I'm not sure if I've ever tried one are they different from a normal balconette bra? Was in Debenhams today where I was told the bra I need doesn't exist sad she said unless I've got material covering the top il just spill out! blush

Debenhams aren't great at fitting so would not take their word for it.

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