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How many pairs of boots is too many?

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LackingCommonSense Thu 06-Nov-14 10:50:15

How many do you have?

I reckon I have 10 pairs... but I still want more!

mowglik Thu 06-Nov-14 11:06:17

Lol..I was wondering the same thing! Just got 2 new ankle boots, need to exchange a present from m&s and thinking I may get a pair of ankle boots, and have another 2 on my wish list..
I'm trying to make sure they are different styles and colours though so I get wear out of all of them

mowglik Thu 06-Nov-14 11:07:16

Oo didn't answer your q, I have 6 at the moment which isn't too many I guess!

LackingCommonSense Thu 06-Nov-14 11:11:36

I have them in different colours too but I also have some I never wear that I should probably get rid of.. I keep seeing new pairs I want! I'm a bootaholic grin

dexter73 Thu 06-Nov-14 11:17:23

The formula for working out how many pairs of boots you should have is n+1, where n=the number of boots you already own.

sweetheart Thu 06-Nov-14 11:17:51

I've just had a mental count up and I think I've got 9 pairs which cover all bases. I've just brought 2 pairs which filled some gaps. I wear them all often. My categories are:-

black flat ankle boots
black healed ankle boots
black knee high boots
brown flat ankle boots
brown healed ankle boots
brown flat knee highs
brown healed knee highs
grey healed knee high boots

Actually I don't wear the grey ones much, I thought they would bring a good versatility to my wardrobe but I find them difficult to coordinate with my clothes.

LackingCommonSense Thu 06-Nov-14 11:36:27

I like the n+1 formula grin

I have

Black knee highs
Black ankle (could probably do with replacing as I've spent more reheeling them than they cost in the first place.. hmm
Black slouches
Brown ankle uggs
Brown casual ankle
Brown smart ankle
Tan knee high uggs
White biker boots (difficult to coordinate!)
Wellies (actually, do these even count?)

So that's 10. I might be missing a pair...if the wellies don't count I'm not even in double figures so another pair is totally justifiable wink

santamarianovella Thu 06-Nov-14 11:59:37

You can never have too many pairs of boots,
I just did mental count and came up with the following :
1 knee boots , black
1 ankle length black boots,
1 black biker boots,
1 knee boots burgundy,
1 suede dark brown biker boots,
1 suede charcoal flat ankle boots,
I honestly though I had more hmm, need to buy some wink

ItsGotBellsOn Thu 06-Nov-14 13:18:57

Oh gosh, I have about 20 odd pairs at last count. Always looking for more grin.

flat, dark brown over the knee boots
flat, tan over the knee boots
low heeled, brown ankle boots
- wear all of these regularly with jeans for the school run, popping to the shops, trips to the park etc

flat black over the knee boots x 3 in slightly different styles that I wear for work, smart-casual outings etc

heeled, suede black knee boots x 2 that I wear out to the pub, restaurants etc

black heeled ankle boots x 3 in slightly different styles to wear for slightly smarter work events (my work isnt a suited and booted affair)

grey boots that go with my grey skinny jeans

camel coloured, heeled knee boots that go with my lighter jeans

Streetwalker boots grin for dressy nights out - I have 6 pairs of thigh high, over the knee and knee boots that are very high/expensive/sexy...rarely wear them but love having them just in case.

Three pairs of ancient Uggs I wear around the house and to go to the corner shop as they are SO cosy (hate the look, though)

Wilding Thu 06-Nov-14 13:24:05


Riding-style brown knee boots
Black biker boots
Cowboy boots
Silver shortie uggs
Heeled waterproof ankle boots
Walking boots
Jodhpur boots
Snow boots

10 pairs! It's enough to cover every base, I think...

Comito Thu 06-Nov-14 13:26:12

I am currently testing this question using practical experiment.

Brown knee flats x2
Black knee flats x5
Black knee heels x2
Black ankle x3
Purple knee heels x1
Calf snow boots x3

leedy Thu 06-Nov-14 13:34:38

I am glad I am not alone in my boot madness

Black knee flats x 1
Taupe knee flats x 1
Black ankle x 3
Brown ankle x 1
Burgundy ankle x 1
Khaki ankle x 1
Grey ankle x 1

HopefulHamster Thu 06-Nov-14 13:53:20

I have loads, I love autumn/winter/spring! And I'm not remotely fashionable, I just like boots and also like comfort for walking around town (rarely have access to car) - so spending money on the right footwear is important.

2 x black knee high
1 x black calf
1 x brown calf
2 x brown knee high (one on the way out)
4 x black ankle boots (one flat, one wedge, two heels for smart occasions)
2 x brown ankle boot (one wedge, one flat walking/snow style)
1 x Rocket dog uggs-a-like black boot for snow
1 x black/trainery ankle length waterproof/snow boots
1 x grey ankle/calf boot
2 x converse hi-tops (one black, one blue)
1 x ridiculous cowboy boots I can't bear to throw but should
1 x petrol green Fly London knee highs

The calf boots are all cheap pleather type and I expect they will last one season (cost £16 max), the rest all cost between 30-90 but will last or have lasted years. Wonder if I should get calf boots like that too but don't have the budget right now. I don't actually buy boots that often, but because I have so many they last a very long time. My husband wears one pair at a time but has to buy a few a year!

hellsbellsmelons Thu 06-Nov-14 14:15:13

I've got loads too.
You can NEVER have too many!

HolgerDanske Thu 06-Nov-14 14:18:20

You can never have too many pairs of boots.

GeorginaWorsley Thu 06-Nov-14 14:40:42

Off top of my head...
Brown knee high X2
Black knee highX2 ,1 patent 1matt
navy suede ankle flat
navy suede ankle heel
black suede ankle heeled
grey suede ankle wedge
grey patent heeled ankle
navy fabric pull on knee high, just bought these as wanted navy knee high and saw these in Marks cheap, mm it sure about them though so may return.

Brown ankle faux Ugg

Am about to sell or get rid of
cowboy style brown ankle
heeled black knee boots
Ash rip off type wedge trainer style

BlueEyedWonder Thu 06-Nov-14 16:20:18

Too many boots? Pah! No such thing.

I have:
Black flat ankle boots
Tan flat ankle boots
Black heeled ankle boots
Tan heeled ankle boots
Navy heeled ankle boots
Gold heeled ankle boots
Leopard print ankle boots
Tan heeled calf boots
Black heeled peep toe ankle boots

I am wanting:
Black suede heeled shoe boots
Black low heel calf boots

Toga pullas if I sell a kidney.

bigTillyMint Thu 06-Nov-14 16:21:56

One can never have too many bootswink

I think I have about 10 pairs, but I always crave more. There are not many shoes I like

LightastheBreeze Thu 06-Nov-14 16:29:11

After reading this thread I realise the amount of boots I own is normal or maybe even not enough.

1 flat knee high black
1 heeled knee high black
1 flat knee high brown
1 flat ankle black
1 flat ankle tan
1 heeled ankle black
1 heeled ankle brown
1 heeled ankle grey
1 flat ankle brown
2 pairs of walking boots

mrsdavidbowie Thu 06-Nov-14 16:29:54

I adore boots. Having big narrow feet mine cost £££ but last at least 5 years.

I pr black leather riding boots zipped up back
Same in suede
Cowboy boots
Heeled suede knee length

4 pairs black flat ankle boots
3 pairs heeled ankle boots

2 pairs of practical badweather boots

simpson Thu 06-Nov-14 16:32:02

Brown ankles boots
Calf snow boots
Brown knee high boots X 2
Black knee high boots
Black over the knee boots
Calf brown uggs

Probably got more, but I can't remember! All my boots get worn though & as others have said you can never have too many boots grin

WitchWay Thu 06-Nov-14 18:19:12

Flat ankle boots
Flat fleece-lined ankle boots
Low-heeled pixie boots
Low-heeled ankle boots
Mid-heeled ankle boots
High-heeled shoe-boots
Flat mid-calf wrinkled boots
Flat knee-length fleece-lined boots
Mid-heel knee-length boots
High-heeled knee-length boots
Very high over-knee boots grin

Hiking boots
Gardening boots

PrincessOfChina Thu 06-Nov-14 18:23:39

I don't even think of myself as a boot person and I have:

1 x Ugg ankle boots
1 x Black leather flat ankle boots
1 x chocolate Chelsea boots
1 x Black leather biker boots (long)
1 x tan leather riding boots (long)
1 x wellies
1 x black leather knee high stilettos
1 x tan ankle boots with a chunky heel

I would like some more heeled ankle boots but am pregnant so rubbish at walking in heels.

burnishedsilver Thu 06-Nov-14 18:59:33

While reading through the replies I though how ridiculous it is that you all have so many, thinking that I only have a couple of pairs. After a few minutes thought I realised that I have 8 and I really could use a few more.

MrPop Thu 06-Nov-14 19:19:39

I think I have loads - though I am in good company grin

Black knee boots x2
Black ankle boots
Grey Chelsea boots
Metallic boots
Beige suede mid heel
Flat brown suede
Black bikers

That might be it - not as bad as I thought!

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