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A fringe like Zoe Ball's...

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Seth Thu 06-Nov-14 07:05:25

I have always loved her hair and her look but assumed fringes were off limits for me as I have a cows lick pretty much where my parting reaches my forehead. Then I starting thinking there must be others out there who manage it some how?!! I don't mean a Claudia Winkleman fringe. Much as I love it I know it wouldn't work but a Zoe Ball one with a kind of split in the middle maybe. Has anyone else achieved this and what does it require in the way of effort as I don't have a lot of either. I am 41, blonde shoulder length straightish hair so in theory it should look ok if I pull it off. smile


FergusSingsTheBlues Thu 06-Nov-14 09:30:56

Hi, I've got similar and its a pain. To blow dry, do it straight away, brush hair in opposite direction with long firm strokes back n forth, and it kind if so,ves the problem. You also need to keep fri te shirt as otherwise it flip flops back into natural position.

After six years of this faff, in growing it out....

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