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Victoria's Secret

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Snog Wed 05-Nov-14 20:10:42

Do the munsnet bra gurus rate Victiria's Secret?

SorrelForbes Wed 05-Nov-14 20:29:36

My experience of them has been less than great tbh. I've been into a few branches (all in the US) and none of them has carried a decent range of sizes. The fitters looked quite baffled when I said I was a 30GG. In the US stores they go up to a DDD (an E in the UK)

However, if you know what soze you are and you fall within their size trange, then there's nothing to stop you trying a few to see if they suit your shape. I wouldn't have thought that their bras would be much good for anyone needing much support.

Allthelittlefoxes Wed 05-Nov-14 20:33:22

I absolutely love them and won't wear anything else. I'm quite easy to fit (34D) but my mum is massive of nork and also shops there - the 'body' range is amazingly comfortable, I don't even bother to take my bra off in the evening now, and they give you a nice shape.

Amethyst24 Wed 05-Nov-14 20:34:55

I have spent hours trying on bras in VS - they are so lovely. However, if you're used to wearing bras that actually fit, you won't find them there unless you are a very "usual" (read unusual) size.

I'm a 30F, which should equate to a 32E (or DD/DDD) in VS. However, they only do a tiny number of styles in that size, and none fitted me.

I'm planning to try a 34/36DD and see how the cup size fits in those, and then have a go at altering the band to fit.

Snog Wed 05-Nov-14 20:39:38

My dd reckons they are super comfortable too. Hers cost £40 plus from VS so a lot more than I am used to paying (my bras are Panache).
I have some of their pants which are my comfiest pants ever.

SorrelForbes Wed 05-Nov-14 21:18:55

I think part of the issue I (any many others) have is that their advertising shoes models wearing the wrong size bras. This leads to people having a very skewed idea of what a properly fitting bra should look like.

Amethyst24 Worth a try but I suspect that you'll find that the wires on a 34/36 will be too wide for you.

Allthelittlefoxes I'm a 30GG but I wouldn't consider myself to be 'massive of nork' and there's no way any of their bras would fit me.

Snog I think many smaller breasted women get on with their bras (and bras from places like La Senza) and find them comfortable even though they don't fit because TBH they don't need the amount of support that bigger busted ladies require. Someone who is 28E wearing a 34B VS bra isn't going to really suffer from backache or shoulder strain.

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