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Is this dress suitable for a wedding?

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Equimum Wed 05-Nov-14 13:49:10

We have been invited to two weddings on two consecutive days! They are totally different sets if friends and nobody else will be guests at both weddings. Although I need different dresses for both (not least due to having a sticky fingered toddler!), I only really want to buy one new outfit.

So, the first wedding is a fairly small event at a low-key cricket club. Could I get away with wearing a wrap-round tea dress which is mostly black, but covered in a white and yellow butterfly print? I wouldn't usually wear black, so I guess that's what I'm asking - would you think this is suitable? Also, does anyone have ideas on how I could style a dress of this description, please? I usually wear black shoes and a cardi with it.

got it in French Connection a few years ago, so unfortunately can't link.

Thanks for any ideas - I'll really appreciate it.

Dowahdiddydiddydumdiddydo Wed 05-Nov-14 17:23:15

Could you post a picture of the dress? Initial thought is yes, absolutely. Is this for the ceremony and reception, or one or both? And do you know what is happening for the reception?

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