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sizes in Next?

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SouthernOne Mon 03-Nov-14 21:03:53

Can anyone advise with the sizes in Next please, ie is a 10 on the large side or small?

Thanks in advance, just venturing into the world of Christmas shopping :0

IndiansInTheLobby Mon 03-Nov-14 21:05:21

I fit an 8 or 10 in Next and I would say I'm definitely not an 8 in real life.

TurnOverTheTv Mon 03-Nov-14 21:07:12

I would say on the larger side.

Pollywallywinkles Mon 03-Nov-14 21:09:58

I normally size down a size.

InfinitySeven Mon 03-Nov-14 21:11:57

Size down.

Talisin Mon 03-Nov-14 21:20:12

In separates, always size down. With dresses, it can vary a lot.

SouthernOne Mon 03-Nov-14 21:20:26

Thank you everyone, most helpful.

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