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petite basics ??

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thriftychicken Mon 03-Nov-14 16:45:29

i was going to order some basic jersey tops from next in petite but the reviews are rubbish . any other ideas please ?

Butterflyface Mon 03-Nov-14 18:01:08

Seeing as your name is thrifty chicken, I thought I'd suggest bhs - I had an interview for a job recently and ended up buying a dress and a pair of trousers from bus because they actually fit me for a change! I'm going back there tomorrow as I start my new job soon! I consider the dress to be lucky now, as I went to three interviews in it, and got offered jobs at all 3 places! thlgrin

thriftychicken Mon 03-Nov-14 18:08:30

thanks , good luck with the new job smile

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