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Feeling dowdy and unhealthy - please help!

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milkyman Mon 03-Nov-14 13:22:48

I am 39 with 1 ds and beginning to feel and look by age. I feel too tired to do exercise clasees but do run around a lively ds! My skin is spotty on my chin (i use zineryt but not working). I have pcos and look drawn and pale. I am 5ft 6 and 10.5 stone - I used to be slimmer.

I can't find any easy, nice clothes to wear either confused

Spidergirl8 Mon 03-Nov-14 13:32:55

First of all, go easy on yourself. I too feel I've lost a lot of confidence after having children and I am in my mid/late thirties. Don't under estimate the exercise you are doing with ds, however could you set aside 15 mins am and pm to do some planks, squats and stretches? This would help you feel a bit more flexible toned.
Regarding clothes, what style do you like and what is your budget? Accessories can also help a lot, especially to refresh clothes you already have. In addition wearing slightly more fitted clothes can make you feel a lot better, I often fall into hiding behind baggy clothes when I am not feeling confident.
What's your posture like? That can make a huge difference too. When I stand straight my mum tum dramatically shrinks, when I slouch, I'm 4 months pregnant again ;)
Regarding your skin, pcos can do this. Are you on any medication or would you consider the contraceptive pill to help control the spots?

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