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Help - hair cut tomorrow, what shall I do?

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kaymondo Sun 02-Nov-14 21:11:58

Got a hair cut booked tomorrow and can't decide what to do, just a trim or something more drastic!

I have very dark brown hair, currently just past shoulders with a few longer layers and then a very full fringe. In the past I've had short bobs which is a look I like. I tend to need a fringe of some sort. Hair is quite fine but I have lots of it iyswim?

I just fancy a change as have had my current style for a couple of years now and am bored. I seem to be in a pattern where I grow my hair for a couple of years, then chop it, then grow it again etc.

I'm struggling to think of what to do without reverting to the bob but not sure if that's a bit old hat now?

Help wise women of style and beauty!

Behoove Mon 03-Nov-14 09:02:09

I did the same last week! Got 'the bob' after years of long layers.
It was a shock, but it was good to get rid of the many times dyed and highlighted long bits. Much better condition and I can always grow it back out next year.

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