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How do you tie the laces of brogues? I look like a nursery school child has done it for me.

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PrivateBenjamin Sun 02-Nov-14 14:12:56

So, basically the title. I bought some brogues to wear for work but I don't know how to tie them without a massive bow in a double knot. I'm pretty sure they should be like this picture, but how does it work? Do they not slip off if they're just tucked in and not tied? I feel like I'm missing something important regarding lacing shoes.

Any help very appreciated!

burnishedsilver Sun 02-Nov-14 15:41:28

Are the laves too stiff? Perhaps if you replace them with a softer lace the bow won't be as pronounced.

PrivateBenjamin Sun 02-Nov-14 19:09:45

So am I supposed to tie the laces in a bow? I thought they should be like the picture when you're wearing them, maybe not though. The laces are a little bit stiff I will find some new ones. Thank you!

Whereisegg Sun 02-Nov-14 19:13:04

Elasticated laces so you can knot them underneath and slip them on and off?

PrivateBenjamin Sun 02-Nov-14 19:34:35

I looked at the elasticated laces but they seem to be more for sporty shoes, then I found this website with a diagram of how to tie hidden knot laces . I practiced at home and it works! I can now go to work looking smart and not like Noddy. Thanks guys grin

Whereisegg Sun 02-Nov-14 19:45:30

"Ian's shoelace site".
Do we think he's single? grin

saintsandpoets Sun 02-Nov-14 19:47:56

Poor Ian

Whereisegg Sun 02-Nov-14 19:49:11

He'll always have his laces smile

Whereisegg Sun 02-Nov-14 19:53:04

He has an Ian Knot, The World's Fastest Knot.

I take it all back.

PrivateBenjamin Sun 02-Nov-14 19:54:43

He even has a section on how to tie your laces with CIA style covert signalling . What a hero.

Whereisegg Sun 02-Nov-14 19:55:48

What a man!

Whereisegg Sun 02-Nov-14 20:10:20

His fb page is very neglected sad

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