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5ft 4, 34dd, size12-14, how to stylish and comfortable this winter?

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Honesttodog Sun 02-Nov-14 09:43:39

Which knitwear? Which boots? What is your school run, day-to-day casual look? I'm in London, I like to wear colour, I normally use gap for knitwear but they are getting worse and worse, and i find a lot of the jumpers are too fitted for me. I have a bit of a tummy so I want a drapy loose fit, not white company, more trendy. I like to look a bit it together as I feel better when I maker the effort. What sites? And I can't really be assed with the white shirt under a jumper - not great with my boobs, plus ironing...

I want to go shopping for stuff this week in town but need to be focused about which shops so I don't get fatigue/bored.

Also whAt style of boots? Am over uggs, but need some new flat boots for day to day.

What dresses over leggings have you got? Got a good shop/site for these?

Most of my clothes come from gap, some anthropologie, whistles, j crew, b republic.... Vero moda any good this yr? Occasional colourful stuff from oliver bonas.

Chelsea boots

Jack Wills have lovely knitwear, but most of it is handwash which I cba with. Warehouse have a couple of 100% cotton jumpers but obviously they are thin, not for really cold weather.

I don't wear dresses over leggings, so can't help there, sorry.

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