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Anyone got a Kit heath 'beachcomber' necklace??

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emsyj Sat 01-Nov-14 09:26:30

am looking at getting a charm style necklace and after days and days of internet trawling I think I will probably go for the Kit Heath 'Beachcomber' one. Just wondered if anyone else has tried this range and if it's nice quality, and also how many beads will I need to look 'nice' on a necklace?? confused Do you need 'spacers' or do the beads all go together? I am clueless.... I like the bling of the Pandora ones and the Swarovski ones too, but I really want a mix of gold and silver colours and the Pandora gold charms are eye-wateringly expensive (I assume they are solid gold) and Swarovski don't do gold coloured metals at all...

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