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ski pants spotted in zara!

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southeastastra Fri 31-Oct-14 17:26:57

never really liked them last time around but i suppose it was a long time ago and they are due a return.

southeastastra Fri 31-Oct-14 17:28:04

here they are

InvasionOfTheBodyShatners Fri 31-Oct-14 17:31:54

Yes! My chance to own some real ski pants. My mum made me some, by attaching thick elastic to the hems of my old acid wash jeans that were a good two inches too short.

They do look comfy.

AimlesslyPurposeful Fri 31-Oct-14 17:44:31

I can't help thinking they'd be great to wear with knee boots as you wouldn't get the wrinkly knees you get as the fabric works its way up.

treaclesoda Fri 31-Oct-14 19:10:32

I had a pink pair when I was 10. I flipping loved them. I'm nearer to 40 now and I think that revisiting them would be a mistake for me grin

Madaboutthrows Fri 31-Oct-14 20:26:39

I used to have loads back in the day! I think some were bought for £2.99 from the local market!

peasandlove Fri 31-Oct-14 20:58:15

I remember them from the 80's. My legs were always too long for them so they'd pull down at the crotch. I'd never go back there.

burnishedsilver Fri 31-Oct-14 22:53:26

The seams where the elastic joined the trouser leg used to rub and hurt my ankles. The elastic would also leave a deep indent under each foot. They are in the same comfort category as the horrendous bodysuits, with metal poppers at the gusset, that were out at the same time.

I'll leave them to the teenagers.

DillydollyRIP Fri 31-Oct-14 22:57:10

Hehe. I used to wear ski pants many yrs ago.

tethersend Fri 31-Oct-14 22:59:01

Well, it was only a matter of time.

<thinks wistfully of much-loved brown velour ones with a seam down the front>


SecretNutellaFix Fri 31-Oct-14 22:59:51

I remember these with horror.

Panzee Fri 31-Oct-14 23:02:28

Were these not rebranded as "jeggings" a few years back?

burnishedsilver Fri 31-Oct-14 23:08:23

Jeggings don't have the elastic styrrup that goes under the foot and may cut off circulation to the toes.

usualsuspect333 Fri 31-Oct-14 23:11:51

I'd love some ski pants, I do have long legs though so I expect the crotch would be down to my knees.

thenightsky Fri 31-Oct-14 23:14:51

I spent my first pregnancy in ski pants (circa 1986). They were always slightly too short (inside leg 36 in) so I spent a lot of time with the crotch at mid thigh level.

usualsuspect333 Fri 31-Oct-14 23:20:14

I struggle to find leggings long enough.

Riverland Sat 01-Nov-14 00:59:48

Love ski pants ! With a Christmas jumper in a matching colour, and pointy toe boots, and plenty eye liner.

WhereIsMyHat Sat 01-Nov-14 11:09:43

I wish my mother had kept all of hers, she loved a ski pant in the late 80s. They were a nice thick material too.

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