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Cotton, tight fitting, polo neck?

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tethersend Fri 31-Oct-14 09:18:16

I want one. Or two.

What I actually want is one of these in black, and one in white. I have some in other colours and they are brilliant- but I need the xl, and they're out of stock in black and white.

I want something which can go underneath other things, so no too thick- but not see through, either. And I need a high polo neck. Cotton is a bonus.

Any ideas appreciated smile

jimmybim Fri 31-Oct-14 09:37:18


tethersend Fri 31-Oct-14 09:38:24

They look good, jimmy- what's the sizing like?

jimmybim Fri 31-Oct-14 09:41:59

I am a 10/12 on top and find a medium fits well for me.

TheCraicDealer Fri 31-Oct-14 16:43:17

Zara have some in at £20, Next have some at £16 (I think). Both knitted, but thin iyswim, Zara have loads of colours. I'm wearing mine to work with cropped trousers and look like a 1980's architect.

southeastastra Fri 31-Oct-14 16:46:51

think i saw some in uniqlo today.

tethersend Fri 31-Oct-14 16:52:00

Thanks all, will check those out.

Iseeall Fri 31-Oct-14 16:53:07

Lands end.
All sorts of colours and 25% off at the moment

KatoPotato Fri 31-Oct-14 16:59:39

H and M. I've got mine on now!

KatoPotato Fri 31-Oct-14 17:00:17

Currently £4

Tanaqui Fri 31-Oct-14 17:11:55

Did anyone see similar but with a low polo neck iyswim? I don't like feeling strangled (think I have a short neck!)

KatoPotato Fri 31-Oct-14 17:16:03

The H&M one folds down? I don't wear it 'fully engaged!

tethersend Fri 31-Oct-14 20:52:39

Oh no! The H&M ones are perfect, but all out of stock sad

KatoPotato Fri 31-Oct-14 20:57:21

They are always in store, they've been a staple for a few years now I'm sure!

Tanaqui Fri 31-Oct-14 21:26:34

I will have a look- I like them short even when folded! Just a bit of a roll to go under round necked dresses.

46direct Fri 31-Oct-14 21:55:50

tethersend Fri 31-Oct-14 22:50:46

Matalan ones look great too, thanks smile

I've the opposite problem to you, Tanaqui- most of the polo necks I've found don't come up high enough! You'd like this one.

Tanaqui Mon 03-Nov-14 20:20:57

THanks tethers - I just saw this! My abs would not let me wear it like her, but under a dress who would know?!

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