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Bra intervention - I can't be a LL?!

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Hmmmwhatnow Thu 30-Oct-14 13:20:14

Do they even sell them?

I measured as per the better bra blogspot advice and I'm a 35" around the back and 52 around fullest part.

That I worked out to a 34 back size (I have lots of padding!) and LL cup, do they even make these?!

I've been in a 48 FF bra and it's killers my back and leaves lines so thought I'd try the intervention. I should note I'm feeding a 4mo at the moment, help!

Your poor boob!

Bravissimo sell up to an L cup, and the measurements can be a bit less accurate at larger cup sizes so I would try a range of 34k,kk and l and see how they fit to start with. You won't find it in a feeding bra but it's easy to convert once you find one which fits. Wires are fine as long as they fit too

Hmmmwhatnow Thu 30-Oct-14 13:29:24

Ooh how do you convert to a feeding bra?

You can buy clips on ebay which you attach to the straps I believe. There's lots of online tutorials. There is also a fabulous polish company which does an underwired drop cup and I think goes up to around a k so once we've worked out your size that's a possible option

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