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Jojo Maman kids coat sizing?

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yazzy85 Tue 28-Oct-14 12:04:55

I've never ordered from Jojo Maman but their fleece lined anoraks look lovely and warm. How is the sizing on these? Should I buy a size up? I have a tall 3 and a half year old boy, and an average height 2 year old girl. Thanks

HamAndPlaques Tue 28-Oct-14 12:20:36

Haven't had their coats but as a general point I find Jojo clothes wide but short. The boys' sizes are much more generous than the girls', IME.

BiancaDelRio Tue 28-Oct-14 12:23:31

I received an order last week for 11 week old DS.

The stuff is tiny. He's wearing the 6-9 month stuff already and it's not in any way roomy shock.

Size up!

mycatlikestwiglets Tue 28-Oct-14 12:23:56

I find JoJo sizing v small. My almost 4yo DS comfortably wears age 4-5 from there and isn't particularly big for his age so I'd say to size up. Not so sure on girl sizing - I find it pretty spot on for 11mo DD but she's pretty dinky.

YWurri Tue 28-Oct-14 12:28:00

I bought some long johns for my 75th centile 9mo ds the other week, in size 1 - 2yrs and they're soooo small! You've just reminded me to cancel the 2nd pair I've got on back order...

BiancaDelRio Tue 28-Oct-14 12:32:41

YWurri I ordered those as well. They're so cute but ridiculously small.

yazzy85 Tue 28-Oct-14 13:34:32

Thanks ladies, I think 4-5 for my tall 3 yr old boy and 2-3 for my 2 year old girl should be good then. Always worrying when ordering from a new place smile

YWurri Tue 28-Oct-14 13:39:09

Bianca I love them on him, but worry they cut off the blood supply to his chunky thighs grin

Have just emailed JoJo and hoping they'll let me amend my order for the bigger size.

yazzy85 Tue 28-Oct-14 14:14:37

Are the boden fleece lined anoraks better than these jojo maman ones?

YWurri Tue 28-Oct-14 14:43:31

My fairly big for his age 3.9 yr old ds has a Boden fleece lined jacket that still fits him lovely from last year (age 3-4) so I'd say they're pretty generous. It washes really well too. It's last year's version of this star one I think Boden

Lizardc Tue 28-Oct-14 14:47:13

Their children's stuff comes up small. I always but a size up.

Their maternity clothes, on the other hand, are ENORMOUS in their sizes!!

Lizardc Tue 28-Oct-14 14:48:22

Oh, I have boys by the way, so not sure about their girl's stuff...

MrsMarigold Tue 28-Oct-14 17:32:54

I find the quality very hit and miss at JoJo - not good value for money.

yazzy85 Tue 28-Oct-14 18:30:45

Is boden quality better?? Not much price difference in their coats with the discounts

Oly4 Tue 28-Oct-14 19:51:36

My son has the fleece lined Jo Jo anoraks. They are gorgeous and warm but we are finding them generous in size! My son is 2.5 and the 2-3 is ample big enough for him. He's just average sized

yazzy85 Tue 28-Oct-14 20:02:10

Oly thanks, it's reassuring to know they are good quality, look forward to them arriving. I preferred the prints on the Jo Jo girls coats compared to boden, and they have cuffs at the front on both the girls and boys versions

milkingmachine1 Tue 28-Oct-14 20:18:53

I've got an 18 month old DD who's on the 50th centile line, so totally average size. She's got a Jo Jo fleece which is gorgeous, washes really well, no colour fade and really soft. It's a size 6-12months and only now fits her right. We've had it ages! So my experience is that the sizing is big. I've found the clothes to be the right size for the age though.

Thelovecats Tue 28-Oct-14 20:23:04

The anoraks at jojo come up big, my just 2 year old DD (75th centile) is in the 18-24 month and I expect it to last over the winter size wise.

yazzy85 Fri 31-Oct-14 12:48:14

You guys were right, they do come up big, I will just to have to fold the sleeves for now and hopefully we will get more wear out of them as they grow into them!

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