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dying long hair?

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Zara16 Tue 28-Oct-14 00:30:28

I'm 16 and I waist length dark blonde/bronze hair (never been dyed).
I absolutely love my length, it's taken years for it to get that long, but i really don't like the colour- it's not in one particular category i.e. blonde or brown.
I tried using a lightening spray but it's started to add gingery tones to it which a friend commented on and has made me paranoid.
I have major confidence and body image issues so my hair is my safety blanket to hide behind.
I was considering dying it darker to a brown shade so it less damage is done in comparison to going blonde, but I would be absolutely devastated if it had to be cut if it got ruined by the dye.
does anyone know of any tips for dying waist length hair without damage or of any particularly good brands?

Thanks smile

MsJupiter Tue 28-Oct-14 07:27:39

Hi Zara. I've got similar sounding hair to you and I have never had a good result from home lightening (I'm 38 and tried it again earlier this year - I never learn.) Everyone always says my natural colour is beautiful but it is hard having the red tones in your hair as it limits what you can do. I have occasional highlights at the hairdresser and that comes out much nicer so I think it's the only answer I'm afraid.

I've never tried a darker colour at home but did go very dark metallic red (at the hairdresser) for a few years - loved it but the upkeep was too much.

StepAwayFromTheBloodyCorpse Tue 28-Oct-14 15:47:43

I would buy a blonde enhancing shampoo and conditioner and embrace what you have. I would certainly avoid doing a home dyejob on long hair especially as it is likely to end up darker than you wanted and more than certainly patchy. if the shampoos don't brighten it for you see if you or someone else can afford to et a proper colour consultation as a salon and have it done there when you can. the less you mess with hair the nicer it stays and once you start with the colours you have all the hassle of upkeep as the roots come through. Plus it will dry out the ends eventually meaning some of the length being sacrificed. There are a number of colour temporary wash in wash out stuff around and a whole range of blonde enhancing stuff so have a trawl round boots or pop in a decent salon and ask about them. Ignore the comments, suspect they are jealous smile

Zara16 Thu 30-Oct-14 23:25:13

Hiya, sorry for the late reply- my wifi's been down for the last couple of days -.-

thank you for your advice. After much deliberation with my mum, I decided to take the plunge and dye it, and im so so happy with the results! it looks better than I ever thought it would, and the friends that were saying it looked ginger before now are backtracking and denying they said it hmm oh well, im so happy and it's made me so much more confident. Thank you for your help thanks

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